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Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

This comprehensive online writing lab is free to use. All essay writing topics–from generating a thesis statement to writing your bibliography–are discussed in detail.


Microsoft Word Reference Builder

Microsoft Word contains a free Citation Builder within the program under the References tab on the toolbox. You are able to select the current writing style (APA 6th, MLA 7th or 8th, etc.). When you choose Manage Sources you will be able to create, edit, and insert your in-text citations and full citations in the corresponding section of your essay. Follow this Microsoft Support link for more information.


Use this free online citation builder to create your bibliography.

Note: KnightCite now only supports MLA 8th edition. Before writing your essay, please check with your instructors to confirm which edition they would prefer because MLA 8 was adopted early 2016.


International Writers

The OASIS works with international student writers, focusing on tackling second language errors that happen when writing in a new academic style. Appointments can be made to focus on all areas of the writing process, including sessions on language use and grammar. Be sure to take advantage of the free Mango Language software accessed through the Chadwick Library.

The OASIS also works with international students by helping with placement when they arrive and continuing to support them with conversation practice, as well as proofreading and editing. Two classes for second language learners are taught through the OASIS:

  • ARC 101–English Language Skills allows students who are not native English speakers to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • ARC 102–English Language Skills II allows non-native English speakers to continue to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Do you know what plagiarism is? Do you know how to practice Academic Honesty in your writing? As a student, you are committed to following the guidelines of attribution, according to our institution’s Academic Honesty Policy (page 23 of the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog). Plagiarism can be a tricky subject to understand, especially if you are new to academic writing. The Purdue OWL provides information on defining and avoiding Academic Dishonesty.