Wireless Connections

How to Connect Windows 7 Home or Vista to the IWCInternet wireless

How to Connect a Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Computer to the IWCInternet wireless

How to Connect an Android device to the IWCInternet wireless NOTE: you may need to accept the certificate warning.

Wireless Specification

This is a list of the various items you may need to select for BlackBerry, Android devices, and similar manual setups.

  • SSID IWCInternet
  • WPA2 Enterprise AES encryption
  • PEAP
  • MS CHAPv2
  • Domain IWC

For iPhone, iPod, iPad it should only be necessary to enter your USERNAME and password and ACCEPT the certificate warning when it appears.

Windows 8 Phone is not currently supported on our wireless network.

Wireless Connections in ST Hall (new 2020)

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