Wesleyan Studies

Building a foundation for your Iowa Wesleyan education

The Wesleyan Studies program connects opportunities for service and career exploration while introducing you to a breadth of knowledge though a liberal arts focus. This foundation gives you the broad base of skills and knowledge to help you succeed in your chosen career, and to respond a variety of opportunities throughout life.

Wesleyan Studies includes a focus on four content areas:

Rhetorical Foundations – English and Communication courses that improve your ability to communicate Course options include writing, research and public speaking.

Math & Science – a combination of math and science courses to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills.  Course options include statistics, calculus, biology, chemistry.

Creativity – an opportunity to explore the creative arts both through theory and performance. Course options include art, music, dance, creative writing.

Understanding Self & Society – an introduction to a variety of personal and social issues that will help build your understanding of the world around you.  Course options include religion, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, intercultural communication and world literature.

In addition, you will take a series of classes with a Writing Intensive focus throughout your education. These courses include assignments designed to strengthen your writing process and improve your ability communicate through writing.

The other components of the Wesleyan Studies program are:

Wesleyan Seminar – introducing you to the resources and community that will give you the foundation for academic success at Iowa Wesleyan University.

Global Issues – offering a variety of perspectives on global events and issues and giving you an opportunity to serve others.