At Iowa Wesleyan University, we’re committed to making college affordable.

Below is the pricing chart for Iowa Wesleyan University’s 2018-19 tuition for students who are attending online programs. Please note the below figures do not include textbooks.

  • Online Undergraduate = $450 per credit hour
  • Online Graduate MAML = $495 per credit hour
  • Online Graduate MECI (in state) = $399 per credit hour
  • Online Graduate MECI (out of state) = $499 per credit hour

All financial obligations to the University must be paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements made with the Business Office before a student may register for a new semester.

Statements are sent to the student’s home address on file. It is the student’s responsible to notify the Business Office of address changes.

Services of the University, including but not restricted to grades, diploma, certificate transcript, letter of honorable dismissal, or recommendation may be withheld from students who have an outstanding balance with the University.  The University reserves the right to deny students the privilege of participating in Commencement ceremonies if their account is not paid in full.

Payment Plan

Monthly payment plans coming soon

Questions? Please contact Kristi Wohlleber in the Business Office at 319-385-6207 or email

Refund Policy

Refunds of credit balances will be available only after an account has been paid in full.  Refunds are made the week after the add/drop date at the beginning of each semester.  Any credit balances associated with payment by personal check will be delayed until the check used for payment has cleared the bank.  Normally ten business days will be allowed for such clearance.  Requests for refund of enrollment deposits should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Financial Impact of Withdrawal from Classes

Students who withdraw from one or more classes following the end of the add/drop period at the start of each semester will have their tuition and financial aid recalculated.  Under certain scenarios, students may be responsible for paying additional charges.  Calculations of these amounts are made in accordance with federal and state financial aid regulations and are based on the date of withdrawal and the University’s obligation to return federal financial aid funds. Students are responsible for meeting their financial obligations upon withdrawal and are encouraged to check with the Financial Aid office prior to withdrawal to determine what the financial impact will be.