Using the deliberation statement, the Title IX Coordinator will work with the Chair to prepare a Notice of Outcome letter. The Title IX Coordinator will then share the Notice of Outcome letter in writing, including the final determination, rationale, and any applicable sanction(s) with the parties and their Advisors simultaneously, within five (5) business days of receiving the Hearing Panel’s deliberation statement.

Notification may be delivered by one or both of the following methods: in person or emailed to the parties’ University-issued email or otherwise approved account. Once emailed and/or received in-person, notice will be presumptively delivered.

The Notice of Outcome will articulate the specific policy(ies) reported to have been violated, including the relevant policy section, and will contain a description of the procedural steps taken by Iowa Wesleyan University from the receipt of the misconduct report to the determination, including any and all notifications to the parties, interviews with parties and witnesses, site visits, methods used to obtain evidence, and hearings held.

The Notice of Outcome will specify the finding on each alleged policy violation; the findings of fact that support the determination; conclusions regarding the application of the relevant policy to the facts at issue; a statement of, and rationale for, the result of each allegation to the extent the University is permitted to share such information under state or federal law; any sanctions issued which the University is permitted to share according to state or federal law; and whether remedies will be provided to the Complainant designed to ensure access to Iowa Wesleyan University’s educational or employment program or activity, to the extent the University is permitted to share such information under state or federal law (this detail is not typically shared with the Respondent unless the remedy directly relates to the Respondent).

The Notice of Outcome will also include information on when the results are considered by Iowa Wesleyan University to be final, any changes that occur prior to finalization, and the relevant procedures and bases for any available appeal options.

See Appendix A for a Statement of the Rights of the Parties