Iowa Wesleyan University is pleased to offer an opportunity to take one free college course this summer to all new incoming students for Fall 2021. Our “Tiger Term” will offer a variety of general education classes online where students can earn 3 college credits – at no cost (eBooks are included as well). All you need to do is make sure you have submitted your enrollment deposit for the fall. Sign up today to kick-start your college career at Iowa Wesleyan University!

Tiger Term Dates: June 7, 2021 — August 1, 2021

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    Tiger Term Date

    June 7, 2021 – August 1, 2021

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    Course Offerings

    • PSYC 131: General Psychology (3 credits)
    • WS 105: Career Exploration (3 credits)
    • OAS 180: Bridge to College Success (3 credits)
    • ART 107: The Art of SmartPhone Photography (3 credits)
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    Important Deadline: May 14, 2021

    Please complete the following before May 14, 2021


PSYC 131: General Psychology (3 credits), Nathan Hough

This course provides a broad overview of the science of psychology including its main sub-disciplines, such as abnormal psychology, motivation, personality, memory, learning, emotions, therapy and biopsychology. By completing this course, students should be able to demonstrate an increased understanding of themselves and others, show appreciation for the nature and range of the science of psychology, identify the career possibilities that are available in the field of psychology and show themselves proficient in the scientific methods employed in psychological research.

Psychology in Modules, 11th ed.

WS 105: Career Exploration (3 credits)

This course is designed to increase students’ knowledge of career theories, increase knowledge of themselves and expand their knowledge of resources available to them which will assist in their career exploration and decision making. Students, at the completion of this course, will be better equipped to choose their major and career path.

OAS 180: Bridge to College Success (3 credits),  Katie Aranda

Bridge to College Success is a course where students will learn and apply strategies for success at Iowa Wesleyan University. Students will set academic, career, and personal goals while learning about communication, organization, study strategies, learning styles, and all of the resources that Iowa Wesleyan offers. Designed to help students find greater success both in and out of the classroom, Bridge to College Success gives students the opportunity to develop new skills as they embark on their TIGER journey.

ART 107: The Art of SmartPhone Photography (3 credits), Laura Ekland

This course serves as an introduction to basic smartphone photography, the elements of design and digital apps & software. Specifically, these areas include camera control of functions, image composition, digital output and presentation of images using photo sharing apps such as Instagram. This course will also include an introduction to key photographers of each of the genres discussed.


Smart Phone Smart Photography: Simple Techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android
Bradford, Jo, ISBN 9781782497714


  • Only for new, incoming Fall 2021 traditional students
  • Classes will be limited to 20 students per class
  • Digital textbooks will be provided by IW at no cost
  • Students will need to participate in the course by June 13th, or they will be automatically dropped from the course.
  • Students need to participate each week, or a withdrawn fail grade could result from not participating.
  • If failing by midterm, students will be automatically withdrawn from the course.