We understand that your own life experiences will affect how you learn. We know the importance of having a personalized approach to help you have a successful college career. We do that by working with you to create a personalized plan for learning that will fit your needs.

From the time you take the first steps on campus to the day you are handed your diploma, we will be with you every step of the way.

Your academic journey starts here.

From the first to the last semester, the Student Success Center is highly invested in your progress at every stage of learning.

Success Coaches

Success Coaches are your resource and guide to help you achieve your college goals.

Peer Tutoring

Providing assistance with various academic courses. Tutoring may be individual or small group sessions.

Writing Support

Offering in-person and virtual appointments for students needing help or wanting to improve their writing skills.



Students who requires access to IEPs, 504, or need access to academic accommodations.

First Generation

Support and Opportunities for those looking to be the first in their family to complete a college degree.

WIN Program

The WIN programs is What I Need To Succeed.

Meet the staff

katie aranda

Assistant Dean of Student Success Initiatives, Disability Services Coordinator
Chadwick Library; Room 307

Student Success Coach Chadwick Library; 3rd floor

Marlenne Arreola

Student Success Coach
Chadwick Library; Room 307

Dong Han

Director of Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
Chadwick Library; Room 305

Sheila Payne

Director of Accessibility
Chadwick Library; Room 306

Jared Samms

Student Success Coach
Chadwick Library; Room 306

Delaney Vanness

Student Success Coach
Library; Room 308

David Wendt

Director of the Writing Center
Chadwick Library; Room 308