Printing Information

Computer labs have a printer nearby for student use. The main floor of the Chadwick Library and the Hershey West Art Lab have color printers for student use. The cost to print a black and white page is 10 cents. It’s the same cost for printing on one side or both sides, so cut your costs in half by selecting to print on both sides of the paper. Currently, the cost for a color page is also 10 cents.

Students are given a $50 print credit. This amount is topped off to $50 at the start of every semester.

If you use up your print credit, you will not be able to print until you purchase more which you can do at the Business Services office at the top floor of the P.E.O. Memorial Building.

Print From Your Own Computer

Want to print from your personal computer using your print credit and pick it up at one of the new Toshiba copiers (like on the main floor of the library)?

You can! There’s a little bit of setup to do on your computer once. After that, it’s simple.

Go to IWPrintSetup.

It should detect what kind of computer you’re using. Follow the instructions. Here’s how they look for a Windows computer.

Click on the green button in step 1

mobility print processes

It will download a program. You’ll then have to tell it to run and you may have to give it permissions to change settings on your computer.

Once that’s done, move on to step 2.

mobility print prgram

This step may ask you if it’s OK to open Mobility Print. Say yes.

It won’t look like it is doing much, but after a few minutes, you’ll have two printers added to your computer: AnyBW (any black and white) and AnyColor.

These steps may look a bit different on Macs and Chromebooks, but it will tell you what you need to do.

When you print, it will ask you to log in. These is the same credentials you use to get onto a computer in the labs where the username is first.lastname for most people.