Working with Mount Pleasant Public Health, the University when able will provide on-campus vaccine clinics throughout the academic year. Students, staff, and faculty will receive a free vaccine at any of these clinics.


Students will be tested for COVID-19 under the following circumstances:

  • Random tests may be conducted on residential students, student-athletes, and participants in certain co-curricular activities when we see increased cases on campus.
  • Students who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be tested.
  • Students who are experiencing a number of COVID-19 symptoms or have a high fever will be tested.

Testing on campus is available to be administered to students. The first is an antigen rapid response test, with results in around 15 minutes. This test would be administered to students who are either symptomatic or have had extended contact with someone who has tested positive. We can also used a lab-based spit test. These types typically take 24-48 hours to receive results. This test is only used during random screening tests. If this test yields a positive result for COVID-19, the student will be isolated on campus or return home with follow-ups from our Health Services Office.
Any student may inquire about getting tested by emailing our Campus Nurse at [email protected] for more information.