The TIGER Matrix

Tenacious Inspired Global Engaged Respectful
Social Situations (Relationships in community, recreational activities, advising and attendance at events). Be persistent. Practice what you preach. Make good choices. Use and promote support systems. Take care of self (get enough sleep and eat properly). Be a role model. Stay positive. Be creative in your own way. Appreciate diversity and embrace differences. Volunteer. Be the change you would like to see. Broaden your horizons. Get involved (Join organizations and mentor others). Have deliberate interactions. See something, say something: Intervene when appropriate. Be informed of events. Treat others as you would expect to be treated. Befriend and include all students. Use inclusive language. Be respectful of community and authority.
Academics Set and accomplish goals. Be creative. Take risks and be Persistent. Take care of self (get enough sleep and eat properly). Apply professional standards. Have intellectual curiosity. Have a growth mindset/Strive to be your best. Be open-minded. Be aware of the impact of my actions on others. Have an inclusive attitude. Use critical thinking. Work with and assist others. Have a good work ethic. Be flexible and show compassion. Reflect and learn from failures. Have Academic Integrity.
Athletics and Campus Involvement (Sports, music, band, clubs, organizations, committees). Take risks. Practice. Show up on time. Work hard. Take care of self (get enough sleep and eat properly). Be accountable. Follow the rules. Do the right thing when no one is looking. Be a leader. Include all students. Respect cultural differences. Be punctual. Embrace the team culture. Help others Problem solve. Find a new way to do things. Stay strong. Respect each other
Service Learning. (Service-learning courses, Field experience courses, practica/clinicals, internships, student teaching) Invest in projects. Step outside my comfort zone-be Bold. Seek out ways to help. Stay in contact with instructor and supervisor Be prepared in advance. Collaborate. Provide genuine service. Seek to discover. Be informed. Appreciate and embrace differences. Build community-make sure all are included. Take initiative and leadership roles. Exceed expectations and do high quality work. Engage in the community served. Respect confidentiality. Use professional titles and respectful written and spoken communication. Use supports-find them, ask questions, ask for help.