This office is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Residential Life, Student Engagement, Student Conduct, Health and Wellness Center, Campus Ministry, Intramurals, Student Government Association, Orientation and Clubs and Organizations. Call us at 319.385.6256 if you have any questions or concerns where we may be of assistance.


At Iowa Wesleyan university it is our goal to ensure that students have access to the best possible health care resources to support their educational pursuits.

Counseling Services

During our lives we all experience change. At times this change is orderly and understandable. At other times it can be rapid and chaotic. Understanding, coping, and planning for changes in our lives are not always easy. Many students face normal developmental concerns and academic pressures while in college, and, at times, they may feel acute anxiety, anger, sadness, or depression. For these challenges, as well as for more serious crises, it is helpful to gain the perspective of an unbiased person. Free and confidential counseling and skill development assistance is available to IW students by a professional in the human services field. Students can check with the Office of Student Development for referral and/or contact information, or email [email protected], or call 319-385-6483 and leave a confidential voicemail.

Campus Nurse

The university provides a full-time nurse who is available to provide first aid and basic triage services (e.g. take temperatures, measure vitals) to all students. The nurse’s office is located in the Howe Activity Center.

Health care services include:

  • Care for illnesses and injuries
  • Care for non-urgent health concerns (e.g., skin problems, pain, sleep problems)
  • Medication prescription associated with non-urgent health concerns
  • Management of chronic health concerns while you are on campus unless you have need of a specialist, whom we will assist you to find for that care.
  • Collaboration with nearby Quick Visit Urgent Care for lab and x-ray needs, or for consultation as needed.
  • Any questions about your health overall, or any symptoms you may be having and are unsure the cause

How to schedule an appointment:
Go to the Campus Nurse page to schedule an appointment:

We will assess your needs and, depending on your need and your location, connect you with appropriate care.

Illness Communication with Instructors

The Campus Nurse can provide excuses for students to be absent from classes after the student has been seen based on likelihood of contagion and will communicate with the student’s instructors on the student’s behalf. Students are encouraged to communicate directly with their instructors when possible, as well as informing the Student Development office of absence due to illness, doctor appointments, or family emergencies. Absences still count toward the maximum number of absences, however. Please see attendance policy in your course syllabus.


All students living on campus are assigned a mailbox at Mail Operations in the Student Union Building. Students are expected to pick up their mailbox key at Mail Operations at the beginning of the school year and return it at the end of the school year. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all lost or non-returned mail keys. U.S. mail, official University notices and inter-campus mail are placed in mailboxes, so please check them regularly. If you receive a package you will be notified by email and may pick it up at the Mail Operations window. US mail, UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon make daily deliveries/pickups Monday through Friday. No weekend deliveries are made to campus. Mail can be post marked and packages can be left for pick up at Mail Operations. Mail Operations is open 9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday.


The Rec Center is a community based organization in downtown Mt. Pleasant that offers exercise equipment, fitness classes, recreation space (gym), indoor track and indoor pool. At no additional cost, students are eligible for membership to the Rec Center. To secure a membership, visit The Rec Center located at 200 E. Monroe Street in downtown Mount Pleasant.


At the heart of the IW Campus Ministry are the students. CRU is a group of faith-based students that meet and fellowship regularly, study the Bible and topics of interest to them. For more information contact the Student Development Office at 319-385-6256.