The Office of Academic Success and Inclusive Support (OASIS) exists to help students develop the skills needed to be successful in a liberal arts college environment and to become independent learners. The goal is to help students to not only succeed at Iowa Wesleyan University, but also become lifelong learners and to excel in areas of academic interest. To promote the Life Skills emphasis of the University, the OASIS offers academic support services as needed.

The OASIS provides students with comfortable study areas, a small computer lab with a printer, study strategy resources, and professional staff dedicated to helping students in all areas of academic success. Staff is available to meet with students to help with study strategies, time management skills, and organizational skills as needed.


For students who need special accommodations due to a diagnosed disability, it is recommended that they contact the Director of Accessibility at 319-385-6383 and provide a copy of the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) or other professional documentation. An online application for accommodations is located on the OASIS website and can be completed at any time of the year.

The OASIS may assist students by providing:

  • Tutors (free to Iowa Wesleyan students)
  • Individual help from the OASIS staff
  • A quiet study area
  • Time management resources
  • Pamphlets on various topics such as text anxiety, stress, successful studying, etc.
  • Small Computer Lab
  • Course and professional assistance in study strategies
  • Educational advice
  • Special accommodations as specified by the professional documentation

Any student desiring assistance should contact the OASIS, located on southwest corner of the top floor of the Library, or phone 319-385-6334.


All students are encouraged to seek the help of a tutor in any subject with which they have difficulty. With the help of IW faculty, the OASIS attempts to recruit peer tutors for all subject areas. Faculty can recommend tutors by identifying students who understand the material and seem to get along well with others. Tutors need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have the recommendation of the professor for the course being tutored, and previously received a grade of A or B in the course. Supplemental Instruction is also offered in order to provide students with increased peer support.


Located in the Student Success Center, the Iowa Wesleyan Writing Center is another service provided free to all students. Paper organization, proofreading, and revision appointments are offered with trained peer writing staff. Peer writing staff members are selected and trained by the Director of the Writing Center following recommendations from IW English faculty. Writing Center staff is also available to help with organization and revision of speeches and presentations.


All incoming new students will be assigned a Student Success Coach through the Student Success Center. Student Success Coaches will provide assistance with registering for classes, choosing a major, financial aid, and any other areas to help incoming students prepare for the transition to Iowa Wesleyan. Student Success Coaches are an excellent resources to students and their families and will continue to work with students throughout their first year on campus.


Through the OASIS, the Student Success Center offers several courses for academic credit:

  • OAS 102: Resiliency (For WIN Students)
  • OAS 105: Intro to College Learning
  • OAS 107: Investigations (For WIN Students)
  • OAS 150: Academic Connections Seminar
  • OAS 147: Peer Leadership I
  • OAS 200: Introduction to Peer Tutoring (one credit and approval of instructor needed)
  • OAS 201: Intermediate Tutoring for Subject Areas (one credit and approval of instructor needed)
  • OAS 247: Peer Leadership II
  • OAS 347: Peer Mentoring

While there are a variety of support services available in the Student Success Center, it is important that students take the initiative and responsibility to seek assistance for their academic needs. The Student Success Center and the OASIS are available to all students who would like help whether it be course tutoring, having a paper proofread, test preparation, or to find helpful study resources.