Activities and organizations offer fun and entertaining events every week, making it easy to get involved and have an enjoyable experience at Iowa Wesleyan University. Students involved in co-curricular activities have the opportunity to develop social and professional networks in addition to building strong resumes. All Iowa Wesleyan students are eligible and encouraged to participate in all student activities of the University.

Individual organizations and/or activities may establish minimum standards for eligibility (for example, minimum grade point average). All organizations are expected to use non-discriminatory selection practices, including those based on race, creed, or national origin.

Learning Outcomes - What to Expect

  • Students will grow personally and professionally through effective and appropriate communication and interaction with others.
  • Students will better understand the benefits of being an engaged participant in community events and experiences.
  • Students will develop deep, meaningful relationships with others of diverse backgrounds.


Clubs and Organizations

The purpose of Tri Alpha is to prove an academic honor for first generation students.

Contact Information:

Student Advisor: Nicole Sherrill – [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Hough – [email protected]

The purpose of the Art Club is to be a functioning society for students interested in traditional means of art. The activities shall include community outreach assignments, engagement, and sessions where you can sit down with other artists in a non-pressured setting and express yourself through art with like-minded individuals. The Art Club is open to any majors at any skill level as the desire is to improve and create with individuals at their own pace. Bringing the Art Club to Iowa Wesleyan is a great way to brighten up campus.

Contact Information:

Student Leader: Allison Craff[email protected]
Advisor: Roy Manfredi [email protected]

The Association of Student-Athletes (ASA) is for student-athletes who are leaders or have the potential to develop into one. These student-athletes have the opportunity to be the voice for their teammates and other athletes on campus. This group provides a platform for student-athletes to voice their opinions or issues of concern, brainstorm new innovative ideas, create a positive fan experience and offer feedback to the NAIA membership and propose legislation or policy changes. ASA offers these student-athletes the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they represent and empower all NAIA student-athletes.

Contact Information:

Advisor:  Ashley Miller[email protected]

The Iowa Wesleyan Behavioral Science Club is to provide an opportunity for students to socialize while engaging in activities related to the social sciences. The purpose of the club is to foster discussions and learning about the behavioral sciences, learning about academic and applied areas of the behavioral sciences, conducting research, networking with professionals in the community and related organizations, and supplementing coursework knowledge in order to help promote readiness for work and graduate study in the behavioral sciences and related fields.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Nathan A. Hough[email protected]
Student Leader: Morgan Laden[email protected]

The Purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society shall be to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences.

Contact Information:

Advisor: D.P. Wilson – [email protected]
Student Leader: Clayton Hendrikson – [email protected]

Black Student Union is an organization whose goal is to educate the Iowa Wesleyan University community on past and current issues facing the Black community. Through discussion, service, and education Black Student Union strives to promote positive change and help mold the future of  Iowa Wesleyan University students and the surrounding community. Black Student Union will do this by strengthening the bonds and relationships amongst union members as well as between the Black Student Union and the campus community as a whole.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Sarah Florence – [email protected]
Advisor: Jeff Wallace – jef[email protected]
Student Leader: Asaivien McWilliams[email protected]

Purpose- to bring the members of its organization and to the student body of Iowa Wesleyan University applicable, real-world business experience and information. This will be done in the form of bringing guest speakers that anyone in the community can attend, field trips/tours of businesses in the community and surrounding areas, “crash courses” for its members that talk about business related topics such as but not limited to: credit cards, networking, and investing.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Herb Schmidt – [email protected]
Student Leader: Nathan Cronkhite – [email protected]

Campus Activity Board (C.A.B) is a student run organization whose mission is to bring entertainment and engagement to the students of Iowa Wesleyan University. We host a wide variety of events ranging from live acts that include hypnotists, improv groups, and magicians to bingo night where students have the opportunity win prizes to bubble soccer and dodgeball tournaments among many others.

We are always finding new and improved events and acts to liven up campus while having a blast doing so. C.A.B is a great way to get involved in an awesome group while meeting many amazing people along the way! If bringing fun and excitement to campus sounds like something you would be interested in, SUB is the organization for you!

Executive Board:

Karoline Stratton, Kiel Parkhurst, Logan Lucas, and Faith Younce.

Contact Information:

C.A.B Advisor: Haleigh Cowan[email protected]

Welcome, Future Tiger Cheerleaders!

Cheerleading is considered a club at Iowa Wesleyan. While the members of the team are dedicated to the team, they currently come from many different areas of study, as well as other sports and extracurricular activities on campus. The cheerleading squad regularly cheers at home games for Football and Basketball and also performs at different events throughout the academic year as well. Iowa Wesleyan’s Cheerleading Squad welcomes all students to try out to potentially be a part of the team.

Tryouts for current students are held near the end of each semester. Incoming students and those who miss tryouts are free to fill out the following electronic form to be contacted for their next steps.

Marlenne Arreola – Cheer Coach
[email protected]

Student Leader: Brooke James[email protected]
Student Leader: Kelsey Marlow[email protected]

Cheerleading Constitution and Agreement: Download Cheerleading Constitution

Assumption of Risk and Liability Form: Download Risk and Liability Form

The Criminal Justice Society is comprised of students with a shared interest in the field of Criminal Justice. The Criminal Justice Society was created to provide better insight into possible Criminal Justice career paths and to give students the ability to make connections with Criminal Justice professionals and agencies.

The Criminal Justice Society is one of the newest Iowa Wesleyan University and is open to all students. The Criminal Justice Society seeks to provide interesting events, employment opportunities, and valuable skills to students interested in the field of Criminal Justice such as Law Enforcement, forensics, Corrections, Law, and Criminology. The Criminal Justice Society was established to assist students with their academic and professional goals through network and skill building, while also assisting the community through community service.

Contact Information:

Student Leader: Jake Huggins – [email protected]
Advisor: Nate Daniels – [email protected]

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Cru is a Christ-centered movement on the campus of Iowa Wesleyan University. Open to believers and non-believers, we strive to have meaningful, relevant conversations about who God is and the impact He can have on our lives.

Contact Information:

CRU Student Leader: Ella Francis  [email protected]

The purpose of this organization is to promote and maintain school spirit while also providing entertainment through performance at certain events including but not limited to sporting events.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Donna Debose – [email protected]
Student Leader: Brooke James[email protected]
Student Leader: Adaugo Nwachukwu[email protected]

The purpose of this organization is to provide students an opportunity to participate in gaming with other students, organizations, and universities on a competitive level. Our Esports program plays multiple games and has created a positive gaming community on campus.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Roy Manfredi – [email protected]

The purpose of FCA is to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. To present to coaches and athletes and all who they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Contact Information:

President: Earvin Dizon
Vice President: Malachi Mabins
Treasurer: Brooke James
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Hough

The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club provides a safe environment for students regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. GSA’s goal is to create a platform to fight gender, racial, and LGBTQ economic and social justice. We want to educate our fellow Iowa Wesleyan University students and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Discussion Topics:

  • What brought you here
  • Identification
  • Comfort at IW
  • Healthy relationships
  • Overcoming social issues

Contract Information:

GSA: Brian Calderon-Baylon: [email protected]

GSA Advisor: José Pérez Reisler: [email protected]

Hispanic Latino Alliance is an organization dedicated to representing and supporting people of color and celebrating our culture as a Hispanic Latino community at IW. Our goal is to be a voice and an outlet for our people and for those who support our people. Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.

Contact Information

Student Leader: Irais Lopez – [email protected]
Advisor: Jaime Martinez – [email protected]
Advisor: Marlenne Arreola – [email protected]
Advisor: Elizabeth Bohman – [email protected]

Advisor: Precious Bahena[email protected]

The International Student Organization is a resource that international students can use to assist in the journey through the college experience. Additionally, our organization is an educational tool for all of our students as it can bring light and awareness to the abundance of different cultures and backgrounds that we have here at Iowa Wesleyan. From a personal standpoint, the International Student Organization is an excellent resource for all of our students, regardless of where they come from. Through this organization, we hope to obtain and develop a deeper, richer global community and understanding.

Contract Information:

Student Leader: Jingyuan Hua – [email protected]
Advisor: Dong Han – [email protected]
Advisor: Elizabeth Bohman (helper) – [email protected]

Purpose of Organization- To be social between students and exchange the experience and interest in Mahjong. You will also be able to learn the knowledge, rules and basic rules of Mahjong.

Contract Information:

Student Leader: Krownkawee Pansotthee – [email protected]
Advisor: Shiela Payne – [email protected]

The purpose of NAfME Collegiate is to afford musicians and future music educators an opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school and to enable them to gain an understanding of:

  • the basic truths and principles that underlie the role of music in human life;
  • the philosophy and function of the music education profession;
  • the professional interests of members involved in the local, state, division, and national levels;
  • the knowledge and practices of the professional music educator as facilitated through chapter activity.

Contract Information:

Student Leader: Clarinda Robledo[email protected]
Advisor: Michael Knight[email protected]

Omega Delta Alpha is a student-led fraternity club here at Iowa Wesleyan that was established by five bold and bright young men whose mission was to build relationships, continuity, fellowship, respect, and goodwill. Through philanthropy and community involvement on and off campus, the Alpha’s have established themselves as one the premier fraternities on campus, which has earned them the respect due to their clubs ability to recruit and groom future leaders. The core values that the Alpha’s live by are: Integrity, Respect, Honesty, & Brotherhood.

Contract Information:

Student Advisor: Marquese Carter – [email protected]
Staff Advisor: Desmond Armstrong – [email protected]

Student Government Association coordinates the interests and activities of the student body and shares in the responsibilities of university governance as it directly affects student life. Each student organization, as a requirement of recognition, must have a representative present at all open SGA meetings. Each full-time student becomes a member of the Iowa Wesleyan University student government upon registration.

President: Ella Francis

Vice President: Natilee Dentel,

Secretary: Precious Bahena

Treasurer: Nathan Cronkhite

Contact Information:

SGA Student Leader: Ella Francis [email protected]
SGA Advisor: Haleigh Cowan – [email protected]
SGA Advisor: Eric Booth – [email protected]


For information on the Student Government Association, contact the Office of Student Development at 319-385-6256.

Constitution of the Student Government

Student Government By-Laws

SNA’s mission is to mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, and to convey the standards, ethics, and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.

Contact Information

Mary Tobin, Chair and Professor of Nursing – [email protected]

The purpose of Theta Sigma Rho is to provide members an outlet for philanthropic values, community service, personal and intellectual growth.

Theta Sigma Rho consists of women whose purpose is to become successful individuals through philanthropy, leadership experience, and sisterhood. As a chapter, we try to facilitate the growth of all members and to promote qualities to create leaders in our community. We pride ourselves in being a diverse group of women from many different divisions, backgrounds, and personal interests.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mackenzie Notestein – [email protected]
Student Leader: Callyn Organ – [email protected]

Tiger Guides sole purpose is to welcome new students and families to Iowa Wesleyan University. The Tiger Guides is made up of students from sophomore year and up. These students set the tone for our incoming students that shows what it is really like to be a Tiger! Joining this crew means that you know what it takes to be a Tiger and you want to share that experience with new students!

Tiger Guides helps welcomes new students during the summer and fall months. Applications to join Tiger Guides will be announced closer to the end of the spring semester.

Zeta Psi Mu is a new local fraternity founded by Iowa Wesleyan students and focuses on the four core values:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Community

Contact Information:

Advisor: Jake Huggins – [email protected]
Student Leader: Nate Daniels – [email protected]

Student Organization Requirements

Iowa Wesleyan wants all students to live out their passions. Start a new organization! All new student organizations should fill out a New Student Organization Form and turn it in to the Student Government Office or Student Development Office.

Once an established organization, groups are encouraged to attend monthly Student Government (SGA) meetings. Groups are eligible to request funds, room rentals, and marketing promotions through SGA.