STEP 1: Arranging an Internship
  1. Meet with Academic Advisor to:
  • Check progress toward degree
  • Determine type and timing of internship best suited for student
  1. Students must review the requirements for their major before arranging internship: The link to the major requires are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you still need help, please make an appointment with the Director of Career Development & Internship to discuss possible internships and to review your resume. Email Katherine Evans at

Download a List of Academic Liaison
STEP 2: Arrangement of Internships Site
  • Contact possible/desired site for Internship
  • Download Internship Questionnaire
  • Schedule a meeting with potential internship supervisor; please bring the Internship Questionnaire with you.
  • Before leaving the interview, confirm all questions have been answered on the questionnaire.
STEP 3: Complete the Online Internship application
Step 4: Submitting Internship Information
  • Obtain approval from faculty liaison and site supervisor
  • Submit to Career Development within a week of submitting your application: Copy of your internship application with the faculty and site supervisor signature.
Step 5: Registration of Internship
  • Career Development will do the following:
    1. Send notice of registration to the Register.
    2. Will register your internship into LiveText
  • Student will receive an email from LiveText to begin internship.
  • In LiveText you will be required to log your hour and complete your mid and final evaluation.

Note: Student may not start working before receiving email from LiveText

Internship Requirements by Major