Degree seeking students at IW will take classes with SL components as part of their graduation requirements.

Students who begin their studies as:

Freshman will complete 4 classes with SL
Sophomores will complete3 classes with SL
Juniors will complete 2 classes with SL
Seniors will complete 1 class with SL

Classes with SL are noted with an (SL) or (SL#) in the course catalog. The SL# indicates that a course has an optional service-learning component. If you take an SL# course be sure to complete the project satisfactorily in order to receive credit.

Service-Learning Classes

  • Wes 100: Wesleyan Seminar
  • GL300: Global Issues
  • WS310: Leadership & Service
  • WS380: Social Justice and Service
  • Educ 301: Education of Exceptional Persons
  • PE 381: Fitness Evaluation & Training
  • Educ 332: Elementary P.E. Methods
  • Psyc 251: Developmental Psychology
  • Psyc 380: Psychology of Gender
  • SpEd 344: Methods &Training Strategies for Students with Disabilities
  • Nur 214: Pharmacology
  • Eng 201: Writing and Research about Literature
  • Comm 350: Organizational and Group Communication
  • Hlth 234: Community Health
  • Psyc 326: Introduction to Counseling
  • Comm 140: Human Communication

Not all classes are offered every semester. Please check with your advisor about SL classes that are being offered before you register for next semester.