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Office of Service Learning & Civic Engagement
Hershey Hall, Room 228
Mount Pleasant, IA 52641

Degree seeking students at IW will take classes with SL components as part of their graduation requirements.

Students who begin their studies as:

Freshman will complete 4 classes with SL
Sophomores will complete3 classes with SL
Juniors will complete 2 classes with SL
Seniors will complete 1 class with SL

Classes with SL are noted with an (SL) or (SL#) in the course catalog. The SL# indicates that a course has an optional service-learning component. If you take an SL# course be sure to complete the project satisfactorily in order to receive credit.

Service-Learning Classes

Wes 100: Wesleyan Seminar
GL300: Global Issues
WS310: Leadership & Service
WS380: Social Justice and Service
Educ 301: Education of Exceptional Persons
PE 381: Fitness Evaluation & Training
Educ 332: Elementary P.E. Methods
Psyc 251: Developmental Psychology
Psyc 380: Psychology of Gender
SpEd 344: Methods &Training Strategies for Students with Disabilities
Nur 214: Pharmacology
Eng 201: Writing and Research about Literature
Comm 350: Organizational and Group Communication
Hlth 234: Community Health
Psyc 326: Introduction to Counseling
Comm 140: Human Communication

Not all classes are offered every semester. Please check with your advisor about SL classes that are being offered before you register for next semester.