The celebration of Iowa Wesleyan’s 175th anniversary culminated at the Purple & White Ball on October 21. After a year-long celebration of Iowa Wesleyan’s history and significant legacy, this event was a momentous celebration of Wesleyan’s future.

The campus came to life as a sellout crowd was entertained with dinner, live music, videos, fireworks, and dancing. Presidential Medals for Outstanding Merit were presented to Christie Vilsack for her exemplary leadership in advancing advocacy, education, and literacy around the world and Tom Vilsack for his exemplary leadership in advancing public service at all levels of government.

President Titus announced the current strategic plan Wesleyan|2020 would be completed in spring 2018, two years earlier than expected. Thus, a new planning commission will be convened. With great enthusiasm and gratitude, Titus announced the new planning commission will be led and chaired by Christie and Tom Vilsack. Iowa Wesleyan has claimed its vision as the regional, comprehensive university for Southeast Iowa. Now we must lead and help shape the identity of Southeast Iowa as a region. This will be the central strategic work of Iowa Wesleyan University through our next planning commission.

Below are two videos that were shared during the celebration.


We Are Wesleyan