Pre-Licensure to BSN

ACEN Accredited Nursing ProgramsThe Pre-licensure program at Iowa Wesleyan University is ideal for the student who has an interest in a nursing career. This program is intended to be completed in four years.  The first year at Iowa Wesleyan is foundational.  Students prepare to build a solid foundation of learning and life skills to prepare them to enter the rewarding but rigorous nursing program.  Students spend the subsequent three years building on their foundational knowledge increasing their critical thinking skills to become a baccalaureate educated nurse.  The IW nursing student must be prepared to utilize clinical reasoning skills and nursing judgment in their holistic approach when caring for individuals, families, aggregates, and communities.  Students must welcome and value persons of diverse backgrounds and world views. Students are prepared to begin a lifelong career which demands continuous learning, adaptation, use of appropriate communication, and inter professional collaboration.

Today’s preferred entry point to practice as a registered nurse is the bachelor’s degree.  The baccalaureate prepared nurse is prepared to practice in a variety of healthcare settings from the typical hospital to serving as a community health nurse.  Repeated research studies have demonstrated that the BSN educated nurse demonstrates critical thinking skills that enhance the health and well-being of not only individuals but also populations of people.  Growing evidence indicates that a more advanced nursing workforce translates into decreased mortality rates, improved quality outcomes, and reduced adverse events.   A BSN prepared nurse has the leadership skills to work in the community providing sound scientific, clinical decision making.  These nurses formulate and carry out a comprehensive plan of care for treatment of the most complex patients.  A BSN prepared nurse works as part of a health care team that provides the highest quality of leadership and care to guide patients through the maze of health care resources, options, and how to best adopt a lifestyle to optimize the health of the community.

A baccalaureate prepared nurse has an advantage as studies show that entry-level BSN’s find jobs after graduation at a higher rate than non-BSN prepared nurses.  The demand for BSN-prepared nurses is continuing to increase due to hospitals seeking to obtain the coveted Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  Some hospitals are requiring their nurses to either return to school for their bachelor’s degree or to have a BSN prior to applying at their institution. Data, from the National Student Nurses’ Association new RN survey, shows 81% of BSN pre-licensure graduates currently employed as an RN compared to 73% of those with an associate’s degree. We are proud to say that the majority of Iowa Wesleyan nursing graduates have job opportunities as future registered nurses extended to them prior to graduation.

Mikayla, Class of 2015

“Iowa Wesleyan gave me the opportunity to learn in a way that suits me, with small class sizes and well structure course guides.  I was set up for success.  The professors genuinely cared about my success and happiness.  I couldn’t imagine getting a higher caliber education, with the class sizes I needed anywhere else.”