Federal regulations (General Provision CFR 668.1) require that Iowa Wesleyan University review the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive financial assistance. To be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, students must maintain specified grade point averages and proceed through the program at a pace leading to completion within a specified time frame. This regulation applies to each financial aid applicant, whether a previous recipient or not.

Satisfactory academic progress is evaluated at the completion of each semester, including summer.

The maximum time frame for completing an academic program cannot exceed 150% of the length of the program as measured by credit hours or semesters. In order to ensure that steady progress is being made, students must make incremental progress toward the degree with passing grades.

Students with incomplete grades are required to complete work within five weeks after the regular semester to receive their final grade. An incomplete grade that is not removed at that time will become an F. Withdrawal from a course does not affect a student’s number of credit hours. Repetition of a course results in both grades being counted in cumulative average toward student’s progress. A student that transfers credits in will have those hours counted as earned and attempted hours when calculating their progress.

The student must maintain at least the GPA as designated in the chart below to be maintain progress. In addition to maintaining the GPA specified below, a student must complete two-thirds, or 67%, of all cumulative attempted course credits to maintain satisfactory academic progress. The following chart indicates the schedule that must be maintained in order to have financial aid disbursed.

Credits Earned   Required Pace Cumulative GPA
 1-23 credits 1.50 GPA 67%
 24-55 credits 1.75 GPA 67%
 56 – above 2.0 GPA 67%

Financial Aid Warning

Students failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards will receive a warning and will continue to receive financial aid for one semester/session. By the end of the following semester, the student must have met the stated minimum grade point average and completion requirements as defined above. Failure to progress after the warning period will result in probation (after a successful appeal) or loss of all federal, state and institutional financial aid.

Appeal Process

A probation letter describing the appeal process and an appeal form will be provided from the Financial Aid Office. The appeal must include why student was unable to make academic progress and what circumstances have changed to allow student to make academic progress by the next evaluation. Examples of special or unusual circumstances are a personal injury or illness, death of a relative. The appeal form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for evaluation. The University will respond to the appeal in writing within two weeks of the set appeal deadline.

Financial Aid Probation

Student will continue to receive financial aid through probation for one additional semester/session when academic progress will again be evaluated. At end of probation, student must be making SAP or following an educational plan established by appropriate parties to continue receiving financial aid. Failure to make SAP or follow educational plan will result in loss of all federal, state and institutional financial aid with no appeal