Discovering Your Passion in Education at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive university; it is a commitment to something greater–YOU

The Physical Education Major is taught by dedicated, experienced educators who are current in the field. You will learn in updated facilities with current and up-to-date physical education and fitness equipment, as well as new technology and labs.

You will gain “real world,” hands-on experience with teaching opportunities with home-schooled children, elementary, middle school, and high school students. With more student teaching and practical hours than required, Iowa Wesleyan provides great networking connections for increased employment opportunities upon graduation.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to attend state, district, and national conventions. Recent graduates have earned distinguished honors at national conventions for Major of the Year.

With our 9th semester program, you have the opportunity to complete several endorsements with little extra cost.

Students majoring in Physical Education will learn and understand the National Standards for Physical Education.

The development and integration of the physical with the intellectual, social and emotional capacities shall be the responsibility of each individual student. This, however, can only be achieved in participation with regularity in physical activities which meet present and future needs and interests. The establishment of this habit while in college should contribute vitally to the maintenance of a well-balanced personality throughout life.

Physical education majors will demonstrate:

  • Commitment to students and their learning;
  • Knowledge of the content and how to teach the content, skills, and dispositions to students;
  • Responsibility for motivating, managing, and monitoring student learning;
  • Reflective thinking about their practice and their experiences; and
    Interest in lifelong learning and participating in learning communities.

Download Physical Education Checksheet for required courses

Physical Education Checklist