physical education
physical education

Bachelor of Science Physical Education

The Physical Education Major is taught by dedicated, experienced educators who are current in the field. You will learn in updated facilities with current and up-to-date physical education and fitness equipment, as well as new technology and labs.

Students involved in our program will:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to be successful
  • Cultivate a knowledge base suitable for admittance into graduate study programs
  • Expand global cultural awareness through levels of engagement

You will gain “real world,” hands-on experience with teaching opportunities with home-schooled, elementary, middle school, and high school students. With more student teaching and practical hours than required, Iowa Wesleyan provides great networking connections for increased employment opportunities upon graduation.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to attend state, district, and national conventions. Recent graduates have earned distinguished honors at national conventions for Major of the Year. With our Ninth-Semester program, you have the opportunity to complete several endorsements with little extra cost.

This program includes:

  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Student-faculty research projects
  • Developing critical thinking and communication skills
  • Building relationships within the field and community at large
  • Applying a unique understanding of Education

Teacher Education Program

The baccalaureate Education program at Iowa Wesleyan University is approved and accredited by the Iowa Department of Education and the Board of Educational Examiners.

The U.S. Department of Education has implemented regulations that require Iowa Wesleyan University to make public whether a program will fulfill the educational requirements for professional licensure or certification required for employment in an occupation. This information, for each US state/jurisdiction, and more information can be found here:

The teacher education programs of IW are accredited by the Iowa Department of Education and by the Higher Learning Commission. The Commission is located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604. Telephone: 800-621-7440. Website:

Section 207 of Title II of the Higher Education Act mandates that each institution of higher education, which conducts a teacher preparation program that enrolls students receiving Federal assistance under this Act, shall report to the State and the general public the following information:  a) total number of students enrolled in the Teacher Preparation Program (admitted and student teachers); b) number of student teachers; c) total number of supervising faculty for student teachers; d) total number of weeks of supervised student teaching ; and e) average number of hours per week of student participation in supervised student teaching.

Physical Education (K-12) Major

Complete each of the following courses

EDUC 110 Introduction to Teacher Education
EDUC 261 Early Experience in the Schools
EDUC 294 Foundations of Education
EDUC 295 Curriculum Development and Evaluation
EDUC 296 Educational Psychology

Complete each of the following courses

EDUC 215 Technological Applications in the Classroom
EDUC 262 Participation & Analysis in the Schools
EDUC 263 Participation & Analysis in the Schools
EDUC 301 Education of Exceptional Persons
EDUC 302 Classroom Management
EDUC 305 Elementary School Science Methods
EDUC 314 Foundations of Elementary Literacy Methods
EDUC 323 Elementary School Math Methods
EDUC 331 Elementary School Social Studies Methods
EDUC 338 Children’s Literature
EDUC 345 Methods of Elementary Written Communication
EDUC 357 Human Relations/Global Perspective/Educators
EDUC 390 Elementary Specials Methods
EDUC 396 Secondary School Special Methods
EDUC 404 Seminar for Secondary Teachers
EDUC 483 & 484 Practicum in K-12 Education

Complete each of the following courses

BIO 241 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
EDUC 332 Elementary School P.E. and Health Methods and Curriculum
EDUC 396K Secondary School Special Methods
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology
PE 107 Dance and Movement
PE 109 Functional Fitness and Personal Wellness
PE 221 Team Sports
PE 223 Individual Sports
PE 225 Introduction to Physical Education
PE 231 First Aid (includes required CPR certification)
PE 250 Motor Learning
PE 352 Kinesiology
PE 341 Movement Exploration and Adapted Physical Education
PE 356 Principles, Assessment and Research in Physical Education
PE 484 Physiology of Exercise
PE 493 Organization, Administration and Curriculum Dev. of Secondary PE and Athletics

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
High School Teachers
Elementary School Teachers

Career Outcomes

2020 Median Pay
High School Teachers
Elementary School Teachers


Campus Activity Board (C.A.B)

Campus Activity Board (C.A.B)

Campus Activity Board (C.A.B) is a student-run organization whose mission is to bring entertainment and engagement to the students of Iowa Wesleyan University.

IW Hands Club

IW Hands Club

The IW Hands Service Club focuses on service-learning and living the Iowa Wesleyan motto of being tenacious, inspired, global, engaged, and respectful.


Meet The Professors

Lisa Augsburger

Student Teach Supervisor

More Info
Shawna Hudson

Professor of Education
Chadwick Library; Room 212

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Lane Levine

Associate Professor of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness
Chadwick Library; Room 118

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Jaime Martinez

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Science Hall; Room 213

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Cheyrl Newland

Associate Professor of Education and Education Division Chair
Chadwick Library; Room 116

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Headshot of Anna Paulson

Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Chadwick Library; Room 102

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Caleb Robertson

Instructor of Exercise Science and Wellness and Physical Education
Chadwick Library; Room 119

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Headshot of Kathleen Schmidt

Associate Professor of Education
Chadwick Library; Room 103

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Headshot for Megan Silva

Assistant Professor of Education
Chadwick Library, Room 120

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Headshot of Kathie Sloan

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education - Literacy
Chadwick Library; Room 101

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Meredith Wohlleber

Teacher Education Program Associate
Chadwick Library; Room 104

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