Adult & Graduate Student Admission Information

Applicants must also submit copies of transcripts covering all work attempted or completed at each college or university previously attended. The form and transcripts should be submitted before or during the first 12 credit hours enrolled. Unofficial photocopies of transcripts are acceptable for initial evaluation purposes; official copies are required prior to formal admission to a degree program.

Applicants who have no previous college work will be required to provide high school transcripts. High school transcripts may be requested from transfer students. GED scores are acceptable.

Persons who are not pursuing a degree are not required to submit the application form or transcripts unless specifically requested to do so.

After an applicant’s file is complete, official admission status will be conveyed to the applicant.

Adult and Graduate Studies students are classified as those students who are admitted through the Office of Adult and Graduate Studies and who are pursuing courses and/or degrees available through the evening or online Adult and Graduate Studies schedule. Such students will be eligible for any and all Federal/State grants and loans for which they qualify. Enrollment for students classified as Adult and Graduate Studies will be strictly based on the Adult and Graduate Studies per-credit-hour tuition rate to a maximum of 9 credit hours during a given term* and will be eligible for any or all qualifying financial aid with the exception of Iowa Wesleyan University grants and scholarships. Adult and Graduate Studies students, who need to enroll in a course offered during the day, must be pre-approved by the Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies and the Academic Dean. Students desiring to change their classification must petition the Academic Dean and the Chief Business Officer for approval.

*Students may petition the Committee of Academic Standards to enroll in more than the maximum credits allowed in a given term and, if approved to do so, will be subject to a per-credit overload fee.

Any full-time day student who desires to switch to the evening program to seek a degree exclusively through the Adult and Graduate Studies program must be in good academic standing, and have the written approval of the Academic Dean and Chief Financial Officer. Transfer credit policies are listed in the Student Admission section of this catalog.