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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The music program provides courses of study for careers in performance, teacher education, cultural development, and global awareness.

Students involved in our program will:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to be successful performers and teachers
  • Cultivate a knowledge base suitable for admittance into graduate study programs
  • Expand global cultural awareness through individual and group performance

We offer a four-year degree program for music study as well as a minor course of study which can be paired with any other major. There are ample opportunities for all students to develop their skills through ensemble participation, private instruction, and academic classes.

The music major is comprised of seven components providing a rich experience in all facets of music. The student must complete each of the components in order to earn the BA with a music major. An optional eighth component leads to teaching licensure.

  • Private Instruction
  • Music Ensembles
  • Music Lab
  • Concert/Recital Attendance

  • Recital Performance
  • Proficienceies
  • Field Experience
  • Optional Teaching Licensure Courses

Music Degree Concentrations

At IW, students can customize their education by completing core and support courses as well as choosing from four concentration areas to flexibly meet their career goals.

Career Opportunities with a Bachelor's Degree in Music

  • Public or Private School Music Teacher
  • Band, Choir, or Orchestra Director
  • Church Music Director
  • Private Studio Instructor
  • Conductor
  • Performing Artist
  • Freelance Musician
  • Collaborative Pianist
  • Music Therapist
  • Musical Instrument Repair Specialist
  • Music Store Manager or Salesperson

  • Composer or Songwriter
  • Arranger
  • Music Librarian
  • Performing Arts Organization Administrator
  • Sound Designer or Engineer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Record Producer
  • Music Journalist or Critic
  • Talent Agent
  • Production Manager

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
Music Directors and Composers
Librarians and Library Media Specialists
Producers and Directors
Auditioning student

Audition and Earn a Scholarship!

Looking for a music program where you can have endless opportunities to pursue your passions?  Iowa Wesleyan is the place to be! Full-Tuition Scholarships Available! 

The Music Scholarship recognizes and reward students who demonstrate talent and wish to participate in art and music at the collegiate level. Students who receive an academic scholarship may not always qualify for these scholarships.

Music Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Music Major Scholarships – Up to Full-Tuition Scholarships
  • Music Performance Awards – Range from $500 – $4,000 per year
  • All-State Music Scholarships – $1,500 per year



Choral and Instrumental Ensembles

Musical Ensembles

Check out the many opportunities to showcase your talents


Lessons & Carols Signature Event

Lessons & Carols

Participate in the annual time-honored tradition of Lesson & Carols.


Meet The Professors

Blair Buffington

Director of Choral Activities
Old Main; Room 106

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Donna DeBose

Adjunct Instructor of Voice
Old Main

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Jason Edwards

Professor of Music and Music Department Chair
Old Main; Room 204

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Michael Knight

Associate Professor of Music
Old Main; Room 301

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Aura Strohschein

Adjunct Instructor of Piano
Old Main; Room 101

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Bachelor of Arts in Music

Students must complete all requirements, support courses, and development series in the Music major.

Complete the following:

  • MUS 100 Music Lab
  • MUS 101-110 Ensembles
  • MUS 121/122 Private Instruction
  • MUS 141 Music Theory I
  • MUS 142 Music Theory II
  • MUS 143 Aural Skills I
  • MUS 144 Aural Skills II
  • MUS 200 Music Lab
  • MUS 221/222 Private Instruction
  • MUS 241 Music Theory III
  • MUS 243 Aural Skills III
  • MUS 244 Aural Skills IV
  • MUS 251 Basic Conducting
  • MUS 300 Music Lab
  • MUS 321/322 Private Instruction
  • MUS 328 Form and Analysis
  • MUS 353 History of Music I
  • MUS 354 History of Music II
  • MUS 400 Music Lab
  • MUS 421/422 Private Instruction
  • MUS 423 Senior Recital
  • MUS 481 Arranging

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • WS 300 Global Issues
  • WS 315 Social Justice and Service
  • WS 380 Global Health Care

Complete at least 6 credits of the courses below:

  • MUS 398 Practicum
  • MUS 440-442 Career Applications
  • MUS 498 Internship

EDUC 482-483 Practicum in K-12 Education

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All degree requirements are subject to change. Please see the current Undergraduate Course Catalog for degree requirements