Discovering Your Passion in Music at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive four year university; it is a commitment to something greater– You!

The music program provides courses of study for performance, music education, and general cultural development.

Students involved in the music program will:

  • develop the knowledge and skills required for the practice of the profession of music teaching and performance
  • expand their cultural level of development.

To achieve the first goal, the University offers a four-year degree program for music majors. The second goal is achieved by offering a course of study for a minor in music and by making available ample opportunities for all students to expand their cultural level of development through instrumental and vocal ensembles, private instruction, and through academic courses designed for majors and non-majors alike. Through these means it is possible for every student on campus to be involved in some aspect of the music program either as a performer or as a classroom student.

Rachel Hymes ’17 | Music Major

“IW is the full college experience. There are lots of events for the students to meet and get to know each other. And with all the student groups and activities, there’s always something to do.”