Music Students Participate in Active Classrooms

Instead of sitting back and taking in a lecture, you’ll actively engage in the classroom at IW. In small, interactive classes, you’ll share in class discussions, participate in activities and demonstrations, and collaborate with other students and your professors.

Students majoring in music will develop proficiencies in voice, piano and conducting. They will also be expected to attend concerts and recitals will attending Iowa Wesleyan University.

The Music major in Applied Music combines classes in:

  • harmony
  • sight singing and ear training
  • conducting
  • music history with private instrument instruction
  • music lab
  • and participation in music ensembles.

The music major includes an internship in public schools for students seeking Iowa K-12 Music Licensure or other field experience.

Bachelor of Arts Major in Music with K-12 Teacher Licensure Endorsement

Students interested in a Bachelor of Arts Major in Music with K-12 Teacher Licensure endorsement can download this checksheet for a list of required course.

Music Minor

The minor in music requires MUS141, 142, 143, 144, 225, 353 or 354, 357 or 358, four credit hours of applied lessons, two credit hours of instrument classes (MUS 113-120) and participation in at least one major music ensemble each semester. Piano class is required if the candidate shows insufficient keyboard background in piano.

Video Testimonial

Rachel Hymes ’17 | Music Major

“IW is the full college experience. There are lots of events for the students to meet and get to know each other. And with all the student groups and activities, there’s always something to do.”