Music Minor

Discovering Your Passion in Music at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive four year university; it is a commitment to something greater– You!

The music program provides courses of study for performance, music education, and general cultural development.

Students involved in the music program will:

  • develop the knowledge and skills required for the practice of the profession of music teaching and performance
  • expand their cultural level of development.

Music Minor Required Courses

Instrumental Courses: 2-6 Total Credit Hours

At least two of these courses must be taken for 1 credit each. No more than 6 total credits may be earned from these courses. See Variable Course Credit Change on page 45 and the advisor for details.
MUS 113 String Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 115 Brass Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 117 Woodwind I 0-1 hrs.
MUS 118 Woodwind II 0-1 hrs.
MUS 119 Percussion Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 120 Guitar Class 0-1 hrs.

Music Theory Courses: 6 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
MUS 141 Music Fundamentals 2 hrs.
MUS 142 Elementary Harmony 2 hrs.
MUS 143 Aural Skills I 1 hrs.
MUS 144 Aural Skills II 1 hrs.

Music Literature and History Courses: 6 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
MUS 225 Survey of Musical Literature 3 hrs.
Chose complete one of the follow:
MUS 353 History of Music (to 1750) 3 hrs.
MUS 354 History of Music (1750 to present) 3 hrs.
Conducting Courses 3 hrs.
Chose one of the following:
MUS 357 Instrumental Conducting 3 hrs.
MUS 358 Choral Conducting 3 hrs.

Major Instrument Private Instruction

MUS ENS Major Music Ensemble every IW fall and spring semester
MUS Private Instruction. four credit hours of private instruction (Private Instruction MUS 121-2, 231-2, 331-2, or 421-2)