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Music Education Degree With K-12 Teaching Licensure

Classes offered in the Elementary Education Division are taught by experienced educators who are currently in the field. The individual attention from faculty and advisors provides a strong mentorship environment for you, ensuring you will graduate on time in the music education degree.

Students wanting to get a K-12 teaching licensure in music must go through the Music Program

You will gain the “real world,” hands-on experience with opportunities to be in the classroom as early as Spring of your Freshman year. With more student teaching and practica hours than required, Iowa Wesleyan provides great networking connections for increased employment opportunities upon graduation.

Students involved in our program will:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to be successful
  • Cultivate a knowledge base suitable for admittance into graduate study programs
  • Expand global cultural awareness through levels of engagement

Students who complete the Music Education Degree will be able to apply for a K-12 Music teaching license with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. After successful completion of all coursework, student teaching, and two state-required tests, the license holder will be able to teach all areas of Elementary. After the Music Education degree and licensure, you will also be able to teach middle school and high school music in the state of Iowa.

This program includes:

  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Internships with community organizations and businesses
  • Student-faculty research projects
  • Developing critical thinking and communication skills
  • Building relationships within the field and community at large
  • Applying a unique understanding of music

Music Education Degree

At least four courses required those seeking teacher licensure in the music education degree should take all:

MUS 113 String Class
MUS 115 Brass Class
MUS 117 Woodwind I
MUS 118 Woodwind II
MUS 119 Percussion Class
MUS 120 Guitar Class

Complete the following:
MUS 123 Diction for Singers I
MUS 124 Diction for Singers II

Complete the following:
MUS 142 Elementary Harmony
MUS 143 Aural Skills I
MUS 144 Aural Skills II
MUS 241 Advanced Harmony
MUS 243 Aural Skills III
MUS 244 Aural Skills IV
MUS 328 Materials of Music
MUS 481 Arranging

Complete the following:
MUS 353 History of Music
MUS 354 History of Music

Complete the following:
MUS 357 Instrumental Conducting
MUS 358 Choral Conducting

EDUC 482-483 Practicum in K-12 Education

MUS 100, 200, 300, 400 Music Lab (every IW fall and spring semester)

MUS Major Music Ensemble every IW fall and spring semester (Ensembles: MUS 101-110)
MUS Private Instruction every IW fall and spring semester (Private Instruction MUS 121-2, 231-2, 331-2, or 421-2)

Students must complete all requirements,  in the music education degree. View all Minors >> All degree requirements are subject to change. Please see the current Undergraduate Course Catalog for degree requirements

Music Education Degree with K-12 Teaching Licensure

Complete all of the following to get a music education degree:

EDUC 110 Introduction of Teacher Education
EDUC 261 Early Experience in the Schools
EDUC 262 Participation and Analysis in Schools
EDUC 263 Participation and Analysis in Schools
EDUC 294 Foundations of Education
EDUC 295 Curriculum Development and Evaluation
EDUC 296 Educational Psychology
EDUC 301 Education for Exceptional Persons
EDUC 302 Classroom Management
EDUC 327 Reading in the Secondary Content Areas
EDUC 357 Human Relations for the Teachers
EDUC 404 Senior Lab for Secondary Students
EDUC 482 and 483 Practicum in K-12 Education
MUS 355 Elementary Music Methods
MUS 356 Secondary Music Methods and Curriculum
MUS 386 Instrumental Methods and Curriculum
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology

Choose one of the following
BIO 201 General Botany
BIO 211 General Zoology
BIO 241 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 260 Ecology and Conservation
CHEM 175 General Chemistry I with Lab

Chose one of the following
HIST 125 U.S. History Survey 1607 to 1877
HIST 126 U.S. History Survey 1877 to present

Career Opportunities in Music Education

Depending on your chosen concentration here is a list of potential career avenues. Refer to your specific concentration for more information.

  • Church Music Minister
  • Choreographer
  • Music Manager
  • Private Music or Instrument Teacher
  • Music Librarian

  • Music Therapist
  • Music Historian
  • Conductor
  • Music Teacher
  • Adjunct Music Instructor

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
Librarians and Library Media Specialists
Elementary School Teachers
Auditioning student

Audition and Earn a Scholarship!

Looking for a music program where you can have endless opportunities to pursue your passions?  Iowa Wesleyan is the place to be! Full-Tuition Scholarships Available! 

The Music Scholarship recognizes and reward students who demonstrate talent and wish to participate in art and music at the collegiate level. Students who receive an academic scholarship may not always qualify for these scholarships.

Music Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Music Major Scholarships – Up to Full-Tuition Scholarships
  • Music Performance Awards – Range from $500 – $4,000 per year
  • All-State Music Scholarships – $1,500 per year


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Meet The Professors

Blair Buffington

Director of Choral Activities
Old Main; Room 106

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Donna DeBose

Adjunct Instructor of Voice
Old Main

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Jason Edwards

Professor of Music and Music Department Chair
Old Main; Room 204

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Michael Knight

Associate Professor of Music
Old Main; Room 301

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Aura Strohschein

Adjunct Instructor of Piano
Old Main; Room 101

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