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Iowa Wesleyan University
Dr. DeWayne Frazier

“Mauritius is on the cutting edge for women and minority rights and is a country with significant international investment.”

Iowa Wesleyan University will have a branch center in Mauritius starting in Spring 2019. The Branch Center in Mauritius, an island off the coast of Madagascar, is designed to educate young people from East Africa and South Asia who cannot afford to spend four years in the United States.

Iowa Wesleyan will be the only four year United States university to provide programs of biology, business administration, criminal justice, psychology, and management leadership. The IW program is officially approved by the Ministry of Education Tertiary Education Council in Mauritius and has preliminary approval from the Higher Learning Commission.

IW is in partnership with JSS Foundation, a 1,000 year old organization headquartered in Mysore, India, that works to better the lives of people around the world through education and healthcare.

Set off the coast of East Africa, the country of Mauritius is surrounded by the jewel blue Indian Ocean with rainforests and has a population just shy of 1.3 million. Sixty-eight percent of the population is Indian, and the official language of the island is English. The country of Mauritius is also comprised of Creole, Chinese, French, English, and South Africans. Additional languages spoken are French, Mauritian Creole, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Hakka.

The University will send faculty from our main campus in Iowa for teaching assignments and will bring faculty from the Mauritius Center to teach in Mount Pleasant. Many of the students in Mauritius will study on the main campus as a part of their curriculum, and IW campus students can also visit the Mauritius Center for study abroad opportunities.

If you are a student interested in study at the Iowa Wesleyan Center in Mauritius, please send us an email and we will start the process for admissions at [email protected]