Iowa Wesleyan University is the school of record for Loop Abroad, an international study program for U.S. students.  The program focuses on pre-veterinary experiences for exotic animals in Thailand, Australia, and South Africa and will allow our biology students at IW to gain invaluable knowledge.

“There are not many pre-veterinary internship programs available to students in the U.S. that offers this level of hands-on experience, particularly with exotic animals,” said Addam Stine, Executive Director of Loop Abroad. “Iowa Wesleyan is a natural fit for Loop Abroad and we are pleased to name Iowa Wesleyan University as a school of record. Students will work with elephants, cheetahs and all types of wildlife. This will enhance their ability to be accepted into veterinary schools and impact their careers. Students receive credit hours for their work in the field towards their degree.”

“This is another incredible way to connect our students globally. This opportunity is consistent with our mission and vision for the University and under the leadership of President Titus and our faculty, we have integrated the science program as an integral part of the plan,” said DeWayne Frazier, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean. “The newly revamped biology major is growing more rapidly than any major on campus and this partnership with Loop Abroad is a natural progression in our efforts.   Loop Abroad, under the dynamic leadership of Addam and Jane Stine, who built the program in Thailand, also offer opportunities in Australia and South Africa.   The program will not only offer Iowa Wesleyan students the unique opportunity to be involved in pre-veterinarian studies as undergraduates, but will give them a unique cross-cultural experience in another world region.  As a school of record, Iowa Wesleyan gets to make education possible for students around the United States.   We are delighted about this partnership and look forward to seeing the potential continue to flourish.”

To learn more, please go to Loop Abroad