Acquisition Requests

Faculty Requests

Individual program chairs are given a budget amount for the academic year.  If you are a program chair of a program with multiple professors, please coordinate the purchasing process among your program area, and then fill out the form available here:

Acquisitions are made during the Spring semester, and will be made available the following Fall semesterLeftover program budget funds will be spent according to peer reviewed reference materials in that program area at the librarians’ discretion.

All reoccurring requests (subscriptions, standing orders, renewals) are reviewed  in May and are funded before other requests. Many times, these requests are purchased through additional budget items. Standing orders specific to programs are purchased from the program budget.

If you would like to purchase items that will remain in your possession/ your department’s possession indefinitely, please speak to your Division Chair about purchasing those items

Collection Development Policy

Materials are selected by the library in accordance with Chadwick Library’s Mission Statement and professionally accepted guidelines. The library does not sanction particular beliefs or views, nor is the selection of any given item equivalent to an endorsement of the author’s viewpoint. The ultimate responsibility for selection rests with the Director and Librarians.

There is no single standard that can be applied to all items. Each item is evaluated in its entirety and not on the basis of a particular section. Decisions to acquire new materials and deselect current holdings are made to maintain a collection which offers a breadth and depth of subjects and formats necessary to support diverse fields of scholarly inquiry.


Chadwick Library accepts donations of books, CDs, and DVDs that are in very good condition and are not instructor (free/review) copies. 

Donated materials must be dropped off at Chadwick Library, and items that are not added to the library collection will not be returned. Chadwick Library works with Better World Books whenever possible to recycle or re-sell materials that may not be appropriate for the library collection. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a drop-off, please contact the library at 319-395-6317.

Collection Management Policies

In accordance with the process recommended in the ALA Standards for College Libraries for discarding materials, Chadwick Library periodically removes (weeds) items to maintain a current, active and useful collection that reflects its goals and the curriculum. Regardless of format, items shall not be withdrawn because they contain controversial or unpopular opinions, or because they have not been heavily used as long as they are still identified as core titles in their field. Any items weeded from the collection will be sent to Better World Books or recycled.

Monographs (books): May be weeded if the subject matter is excluded from the Collection Development Policy, if there are superseded editions or superfluous duplicate copies, or its poor physical condition is not reparable. Latest editions, standard titles in any subject area, or books listed in standard bibliographies and other reference sources should not be withdrawn.

Periodicals/Serials: May be weeded if subject materials are duplicated, if titles have a few scattered issues or broken files and cannot be filled in and completed, or if a title is in poor physical condition and can be replaced by microfilm. Also, when a title has value for the current year or a few years only, back issues are usually weeded. No periodical should automatically be discarded because it is not indexed. When a title has value in only the most recent edition (i.e., directories) older volumes are usually withdrawn.

Media: May be weeded if the subject matter is excluded from the Collection Development Policy, if it is obsolete technology (e.g. phonograph albums, VHS, etc.), the library lacks the necessary equipment to view the item, its physical condition, or if it is available in another format.

Late Fines and Fees

All patrons are charged $0.50 per day for every day an item is overdue. In addition to the daily late fine, Reserve items are charged $0.50 an hour.

Lost and Long Overdue: If an item is lost, or is considered “Long Overdue” (60 days overdue) patrons will be billed for the cost of replacing the item and a $35 processing fee. 

Loan Policies

Below are the standard loan periods for Chadwick patrons. If you need special accommodations for a loan period, please contact a librarian.

Faculty, Staff and Adjunct Professors: 1 semester (16 weeks) Faculty can have up to 25 items out at a time and must physically return all Chadwick items at the end of each semester (December 31st or May 31st).

Students: 3 weeks Students can have up to 15 items out at a time and may renew items 1 time before they must be returned to Chadwick Library.

Community Patrons: 3 weeks Community patrons can have up to 10 items out at a time and may renew items 1 time before they must be returned to Chadwick Library

Reserve Items

Faculty can put items on reserve for a particular course to ensure the accessibility of course material. Course Reserves are available for limited checkout times for the entire IW community, and can be items like books, readings, journal articles, study guides, old exams, motion pictures and/or other materials. Checkout times include:

  • Library Use Only
  • Overnight
  • 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day,
  • 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks