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Iowa Wesleyan University Academic Programs

An education should inform and enlighten. But it should inspire and empower, too.

At Iowa Wesleyan University, you will be spurred by an active, purposeful education, one that will challenge you, excite you – and embolden you. In a uniquely encouraging community, you will explore and discover your unique potential. You will identify your passion and pursue it in a rigorous, relevant curriculum. And, as all do at IW, you will give practice and meaning to your learning, as you actively work and serve in the community. You will acquire knowledge. You will gain experience. And you will unearth a larger vision for your life. Prepared to succeed, inspired to make a difference, you will set out into the world a better and bolder you.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish when others believe in you and are there to guide you. Whether you’re naturally inclined to take bold chances, or whether you need a bit more encouragement, your professors at IW will be there to support you every step of the way.


A university education is about more than just your major field of study. A liberal arts foundation will help you to develop the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills you’ll need to succeed in your first job, and any job thereafter.


Instead of sitting back and taking in a lecture, you’ll actively engage in the classroom at IW. In small, interactive classes, you’ll share in class discussions, participate in activities and demonstrations, and collaborate with other students and your professors.

Rachel Hymes ’17

“IW is the full college experience.”