Iowa Wesleyan Offers Career-Focused Majors.

Ours is a unique education – a strong liberal arts foundation together with timely, career training majors. Taught by experienced faculty who are thought leaders in their fields, and enhanced by hands-on, practical experiences. This is a professionally oriented education that will prepare you well – whether for success in graduate school or a challenging career.

Ours is a hands-on, immersive education at IW

At Iowa Wesleyan University, you will be spurred by an active, purposeful education, one that will challenge you, excite you – embolden you. In a uniquely encouraging community, you will explore and discover your unique potential. You will identify your passion and pursue it in a rigorous, relevant curriculum. And, as all do at IW, you will give practice and meaning to your learning, as you  actively work and serve in the community. you will acquire knowledge. You will gain experience. And you will unearth a larger vision for your life. Prepared to succeed, inspired to make a difference, you will set out into the world a better and bolder you.

IW is a small university that offers huge encouragement

Our classrooms average just 10 students, making possible close relationships with professors who will teach you, mentor you, and inspire you. Challenged to be your best, supported in every way, you will step out as never before – engaging, taking risks, and developing into a bold, confident leader. You’ll learn about your chosen field, and you’ll learn about social justice and servant leadership, too. You’ll find knowledge. You’ll find meaning. You’ll find inspiration – for a deeper, more purposeful life.

A Message from President Titus