Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Katie Aranda
Katie Aranda OASIS Coordinator
Location Chadwick Library; Room 306 Phone: 319-385-6334
Photo of Luis Aranda
Luis Aranda Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 1st floor Phone: 319-385-6257
Photo of Lori Baerg
Lori Baerg Director of Marketing
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 220 Cell Phone: 816-215-8722
Photo of Erin Bass MS
Erin Bass MS Assistant Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library: Room 101 Phone: 319-385-6411
Photo of Blake Beaber
Blake Beaber Head Coach Baseball
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6214
Photo of Rebecca Beckner Ph.D.
Rebecca Beckner Ph.D. Professor and Teacher Education Program Chair
Location Chadwick Library; Room 116 Phone: 319-385-6311
Photo of Traci Bender
Traci Bender Assistant to the Dean of Students
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 1st Floor Phone: 319-385-6256
Photo of Faith Brehm
Faith Brehm Residence Hall Director
Location Main lobby, McKibbin Hall Phone: 319-385-6426
Photo of Kelly Brooks
Kelly Brooks Cheerleading Coach and Adjunct Instructor
Photo of Wesley H. Brooks Ph.D.
Wesley H. Brooks Ph.D. Vice President for Student Development, Title IX Coordinator
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 1st Floor Phone: 319-385-6284
Photo of Jack Bruns
Jack Bruns Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6332
Photo of Blair Buffington
Blair Buffington Director of Choral Activities
Phone: 319-385-6354
Photo of Richard Buffington
Richard Buffington Division of Science Chair and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute
Location Science Hall; Room 102 Phone: 319-385-6341
Photo of Jenna Carpenter
Jenna Carpenter Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Admissions Office Counselor territory Illinois: NON-Cook County Cell Phone: 319-931-6424 Phone: 319-385-6230
Photo of Patty Carson
Patty Carson Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Location PEO building; Room 225 Phone: 319-385-6447
Photo of Joy Lynn Conwell
Joy Lynn Conwell Historical Collections/Circulation Associate
Location Chadwick Library Phone: 319-385-6317
Photo of Chris Creal
Chris Creal Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6416
Photo of Jennifer Crull M.A.
Jennifer Crull M.A. Assistant Professor of Business
Location Science Hall, Room 218 Phone: 319-385-6333
Photo of Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz Women’s Residence Hall Director
Location ST Hall Main Lobby Phone: 319-385-6425
Photo of Kelly Danaher Ph.D.
Kelly Danaher Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology
Location Science Hall; Room 107 Phone: 319-385-6339
Photo of Donna DeBose
Donna DeBose Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 319-385-6355
Photo of Colin DePriest
Colin DePriest Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel, Room 103 Counselor territory Iowa Phone: 319-385-6234
Photo of Dylan Detweiler
Dylan Detweiler Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 103 Counselor territory Transfer Students Phone: 319-385-6237 Cell Phone: 319-931-8043
Photo of Stacy Dixon
Stacy Dixon Records & Correspondence Coordinator
Location Chapel; Admission\’s Office Phone: 319-385-6236
Photo of Chris Early
Chris Early Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6301 Cell Phone: 651-206-4460
Photo of Jason Edwards D.M.
Jason Edwards D.M. Division of Humanities Chair and Professor of Music
Location Old Main; Room 204 Phone: 319-385-6442
Photo of Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Location Science Hall, Room 105 Phone: 319-385-6346
Photo of Katherine Evans
Katherine Evans Director of Career Development and Internships
Location Holland Student Union; 1st Floor by Student Development Phone: 319-385-6375
Photo of Dr. Nikki Fennern
Dr. Nikki Fennern Vice President for Enrollment Management
Location Chapel Phone: 319-385-6239
Photo of Kelsey Fish M.A.
Kelsey Fish M.A. Services Administrator Teacher Education Program (TEP)
Location Chadwick Library; Room 102 Phone: 319-385-6244