Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Nancy Wagner MSN, RN
Nancy Wagner MSN, RN Adjunct Instructor and Campus Nurse
Location Science Hall; Room 309 Phone: 319-385-6347
Photo of BJ Wagy
BJ Wagy Assistant Athletic Director and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6305
Photo of Cyndi Walljasper Ph.D.
Cyndi Walljasper Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology and Assistant Dean for Wesleyan Studies
Location Science Hall; Room 107 Phone: 319-385-6338
Photo of Stephanie Welsh Ph.D.
Stephanie Welsh Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Location Online
Photo of Kayla Werner L.M.S.W.
Kayla Werner L.M.S.W. Adjunct Instructor of Sociology
Location Online
Photo of Paula Wiley
Paula Wiley Reference and Instruction Librarian
Location Chadwick Library Phone: 319-385-6318 Phone: 319-385-6268
Photo of Shaunna Wilkinson
Shaunna Wilkinson Assistant Professor of English
Phone: 319-385-6418
Photo of Dolores Poulter Wilson, Ph.D.
Dolores Poulter Wilson, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
Location Science Hall; Room 206 Phone: 319-385-6335
Photo of Kristi Wohlleber
Kristi Wohlleber Student Accounts and Accounts Payable
Location Chapel; Business Office Phone: 319-385-6207
Photo of Mariah Wolfe
Mariah Wolfe Senior Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 104 Counselor territory Transfer Students Phone: 319-385-8021 ext 6237
Photo of Gail Wortmann M.A.
Gail Wortmann M.A. Adjunct Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology
Location Science Hall; Room 211 Phone: 319.385.6340
Photo of Anna Zander
Anna Zander Sports Information Director and Senior Women’s Administrator
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6386
Photo of Derek Zander
Derek Zander Athletic Director
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6349