Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Alexandria Pardall
Alexandria Pardall Administrative Assistant
Location Science Hall; Room 312 Phone: 319-385-6345
Photo of Rosemary Peck
Rosemary Peck Science Specialist, Natural Sciences
Location Science Building; Room 206 Phone: 319-385-6335
Photo of Jim Pedrick
Jim Pedrick Major Gifts Officer
Location P.E.O. Building, 3rd Floor Phone: 319.385.6218
Photo of Chris Plunkett
Chris Plunkett Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6206
Photo of Anne Reiter
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6483
Photo of Meg Richtman
Meg Richtman Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6216
Photo of Michael Richtman.
Michael Richtman. Head Football Coach
Location Chadwick Library; Room 305 Phone: 319-385-6376
Photo of Dana Roof
Dana Roof Director of OASIS
Location Chadwick Library; Room 307 Phone: 319-385-6383
Photo of Charla Roth Ph.D.
Charla Roth Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Photo of Amanda Rundquist
Amanda Rundquist Creative Director
Location PEO Building; Room 220 Phone: 319-385-6229
Photo of Alex Sattler
Alex Sattler Network and Systems Administrator
Location Science Hall; Room 124 Phone: 319-385-6280
Photo of Kathleen Schmidt EdD
Kathleen Schmidt EdD Assistant Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 103 Phone: 319-385-6477
Photo of Herb Schmidt, D.B.A.
Herb Schmidt, D.B.A. Professor of Business and Holder of the Schmidt Chair in Business
Location Science Hall; Room 226 Phone: 319-385-6326
Photo of David Schmitz M.A.
David Schmitz M.A. Director of ESL & Assistant Professor
Location Science Hall: Room 215 Phone: 319-385-6455
Photo of Diane Schnicker
Diane Schnicker Assistant to the Registrar
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 208 Phone: 319-385-6245
Photo of Barb Schultz MHEA
Barb Schultz MHEA Assistant Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies
Location P.E.O. Building: Room 104 Phone: 319-385-6456
Photo of Gena Seberg
Gena Seberg IT Specialist
Location Science Hall; Room 124 Phone: 319-385-6298
Photo of Asher Smale
Asher Smale Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 107 Counselor territory All States with the exception of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Phone: 319-385-6232
Photo of Joe Stubbs
Joe Stubbs Associate Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator
Location Old Gym Phone: 319-385-6258
Photo of Stephanie Stubbs M.S.
Stephanie Stubbs M.S. Adjunct Instructor
Photo of Stephanie Stubbs
Stephanie Stubbs Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Assistant Director of the Criminal Justice Institute
Location Science Hall; Room 102 Phone: 319-385-6328
Photo of Sarah Sullivan Gomez M.A.S.S.
Sarah Sullivan Gomez M.A.S.S. Assistant Professor of Social Science
Location Science Hall: Room 119 Phone: 319-385-6393
Photo of Randy Thomas MBA, CPA
Randy Thomas MBA, CPA Associate Professor of Accounting
Location Science Hall; Room 208 Phone: 319-385-6372
Photo of Steven E. Titus
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6204
Photo of Margaret Trousil DNP, RN, CNE
Margaret Trousil DNP, RN, CNE Division of Nursing Chair and Associate Professor
Location Science Hall; Room 319 Phone: 319-385-6343
Photo of Valerie Unkrich M.S.
Valerie Unkrich M.S. Associate Professor of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness
Location Howe Student Activity Center; Room 203 Phone: 319-385-6302
Photo of Paula Vallone M.A.
Paula Vallone M.A. Instructor of Chemistry and Physics
Location Science Hall, Room 306 Phone: 319-385-6342
Photo of Cindee Van Dijk
Location P.E.O. Building, Room 218 Phone: 319-385-6495
Photo of Anna Villareal MA
Anna Villareal MA Coordinator of the Founders Society
Phone: 319-385-6212
Photo of Anna Villareal MA
Anna Villareal MA Director of the Harlan-Lincoln House
Location The Harlan-Lincoln House 101 W. Broad Street Mount Pleasant IA 52641 Phone: 319-385-6319