Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Lane Levine ’85 M.A.
Lane Levine ’85 M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness
Location Science Hall: Room 214 Phone: 319-385-6304
Photo of Deb Lillie
Deb Lillie Controller
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6210
Photo of Dave Lukens
Dave Lukens Assistant Coach/Offensive and Recruiting Coordinator
Location Old Gym Phone: 319-385-6381
Photo of Amy Mabeus
Amy Mabeus Bookstore and Mailroom Manager
Location Howe Student Activity Center; Bookstore Phone: 319-385-6478 Phone: 319-385-6228
Photo of Jeff Martinek Ph.D.
Jeff Martinek Ph.D. Professor of English
Counselor territory Pioneer Hall; Room 22-4 Phone: 319-385-6394
Photo of Jaime Martinez EdD
Jaime Martinez EdD Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Location Science Hall: Room 213 Phone: 319-385-6444
Photo of Teresa Meierotto MSN, RN
Teresa Meierotto MSN, RN Assistant Professor of Nursing
Location Science Hall; Room 314 Phone: 319-385-6465
Photo of Fred Miller
Fred Miller Director of Service Learning and Academic Support and Adjunct Professor
Location PEO Building, Room 103 Phone: 319-385-6422
Photo of Kurt Moon
Kurt Moon Head Men’s Golf Coach
Phone: 319-385-6301
Photo of Kathy Moothart
Kathy Moothart Director of Human Resources, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Location Chapel Phone: 319-385-6209
Photo of Maribeth Moravec
Maribeth Moravec Associate Director for Admissions Operations
Location Chapel; Admissions Office Phone: 319-385-6231
Photo of Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Location Chapel; Financial Aid Office Phone: 319-385-6289
Photo of Israel Neuman
Israel Neuman Adjunct Instructor in Digital Media Design, Multimedia, Web-Design, Audio and Video, Gaming
Photo of Cheyrl Newland Ph.D.
Cheyrl Newland Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 105 Phone: 319-385-6309
Photo of Kit Nip
Kit Nip Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Location Science Hall; Room 124 Phone: 319-385-6251
Photo of Mary Notestein
Mary Notestein Assistant to the President
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6204
Photo of Tony Odorisio
Tony Odorisio Men’s Head Soccer Coach
Location Howe Building Phone: 319-385-6378
Photo of Alexandria Pardall
Alexandria Pardall Administrative Assistant
Location Science Hall; Room 312 Phone: 319-385-6345
Photo of Rosemary Peck
Rosemary Peck Science Specialist, Natural Sciences
Location Science Building; Room 206 Phone: 319-385-6335
Photo of Jim Pedrick ’80
Jim Pedrick ’80 Development Director
Location P.E.O. Building, 3rd Floor Phone: 319.385.6218
Photo of Chris Plunkett
Chris Plunkett Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6206
Photo of Anne Reiter
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6483
Photo of Meg Richtman
Meg Richtman Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6216
Photo of Michael Richtman.
Michael Richtman. Head Football Coach
Location Chadwick Library; Room 305 Phone: 319-385-6376
Photo of Dana Roof
Dana Roof Director of OASIS
Location Chadwick Library; Room 307 Phone: 319-385-6383
Photo of Charla Roth Ph.D.
Charla Roth Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Photo of Amanda Rundquist
Amanda Rundquist Creative Director
Location PEO Building; Room 220 Phone: 319-385-6229
Photo of Alex Sattler
Alex Sattler Network and Systems Administrator
Location Science Hall; Room 124 Phone: 319-385-6280
Photo of Kathleen Schmidt EdD
Kathleen Schmidt EdD Assistant Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 103 Phone: 319-385-6477
Photo of Herb Schmidt, D.B.A.
Herb Schmidt, D.B.A. Division of Business Chair, Professor of Business and Holder of the Schmidt Chair in Business
Location Science Hall; Room 226 Phone: 319-385-6326