Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Chris Early
Chris Early Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6301 Cell Phone: 651-206-4460
Photo of Jason Edwards D.M.
Jason Edwards D.M. Professor of Music
Location Old Main; Room 204 Phone: 319-385-6442
Photo of Danielle Ensminger
Danielle Ensminger Student Financial Aid Resource Coordinator
Location Chapel: Finacial Aid Office Phone: 319-385-6242
Photo of Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Location Science Hall, Room 105 Phone: 319-385-6346
Photo of Katherine Evans
Katherine Evans Director of Career Development and Internships
Location Holland Student Union; 1st Floor by Student Development Phone: 319-385-6375
Photo of Jeff Fager
Jeff Fager Adjunct Professor
Photo of John Fletcher
John Fletcher Adjunct Professor
Photo of DeWayne Frazier Ph.D.
DeWayne Frazier Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Location P.E.O. Building; 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6447
Photo of Benjamin Fry
Benjamin Fry Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 108 Counselor territory Missouri Phone: 319-385-6230
Photo of Katherine Garretson
Katherine Garretson E-Resources, Instructional Librarian, Campus LiveText Coordinator
Location Chadwick Library Phone: 319-385-6438 or 319-385-6318
Photo of Sean Gray
Sean Gray Physical Plant Director
Location Physical Plant: 506 N. Main Street Phone: 319-385-6271
Photo of Mike Hampton
Mike Hampton Director of Athletic Development and Engagement and Head Softball Coach
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6303
Photo of Kaylee Hanf
Kaylee Hanf Admissions Counselors
Counselor territory Illinois, Cook Country Location Chapel
Photo of Lorie Hauenstein
Lorie Hauenstein Teacher Education Program Associate
Location Chadwick Library; Room 101 Phone: 319-385-6312
Photo of Eileen Heck M.A.
Eileen Heck M.A. Adjunct Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 100 Phone: 319-385-6312
Photo of Jeffrey Heroux Ph.D.
Jeffrey Heroux Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor
Location Science Building; Room 305 Phone: 319-385-6336
Photo of Kali Hills
Kali Hills Director of Advancement Operations
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 317 Phone: 319-385-6238
Photo of Megan Hills
Megan Hills Registrar
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 208 Phone: 319-385-6391
Photo of Elizabeth Hommowun.
Elizabeth Hommowun. Director of the Writing Center
Location Chadwick Library; Room 308 Phone: 319.385.6419
Photo of Erin Housh
Erin Housh Coordinator for Adult and Graduate Studies
Location Chapel; Room 108 Phone: 319-385-6290
Photo of Shawna Hudson PhD
Shawna Hudson PhD Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 314 Phone: 319-385-6308
Photo of Alex Huisman
Alex Huisman Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6307
Photo of David Johnson Ed.D
David Johnson Ed.D Professor of Music and Chair of the Division of Fine Arts
Location Old Main; Room 301 Phone: 319-385-6373
Photo of Kristy Johnson
Kristy Johnson Director of Financial Aid
Location Chapel; Financial Aid Office, Room 109 Phone: 319-385-6241
Photo of Holly Jones
Holly Jones Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
Phone: 319-385-6220
Photo of Dale Kier
Dale Kier International Student Advisor
Location Howe Student Activity Center, 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6205
Photo of Paula Kinney
Paula Kinney Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Location P.E.O. Building; 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6315 Phone: 319-385-6243
Photo of Eric Kinsey
Eric Kinsey Defensive Line
Photo of Aleesa Kittrell DNP, CMSRN, RN
Aleesa Kittrell DNP, CMSRN, RN Assistant Professor of Nursing
Location Science Hall; Room 311 Phone: 319-385-6331
Photo of Ann Klingensmith M.A., M.F.A.
Ann Klingensmith M.A., M.F.A. Professor of Art and Art Gallery Director
Location Hersey Hall; Room 120 Phone: 319-385-6360