Iowa Wesleyan University Directory

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Photo of Jason Edwards D.M.
Jason Edwards D.M. Professor of Music and Chair of the Division of Fine Arts
Location Old Main; Room 204 Phone: 319-385-6442
Photo of Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Location Science Hall, Room 105 Phone: 319-385-6346
Photo of Katherine Evans
Katherine Evans Director of Career Development and Internships
Location Holland Student Union; 1st Floor by Student Development Phone: 319-385-6375
Photo of Jeff Fager
Jeff Fager Adjunct Instructor
Photo of John Fletcher
John Fletcher Adjunct Instructor
Photo of Nicolas Foss M.S., IADC, BACC, NCGC-II
Nicolas Foss M.S., IADC, BACC, NCGC-II Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Location Online
Photo of Amy Frantz
Amy Frantz Director of The Wesleyan Fund
Location PEO Building, room 314 Phone: 319-385-6246
Photo of DeWayne Frazier Ph.D.
DeWayne Frazier Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Location P.E.O. Building; 2nd Floor Phone: 319-385-6447
Photo of Sarah Frazier
Sarah Frazier Adjunct Instructor in English
Location Pioneer Hall
Photo of Benjamin Fry
Benjamin Fry Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 108 Counselor territory Missouri Phone: 319-385-6230
Photo of Katherine Garretson
Katherine Garretson E-Resources, Instructional Librarian, Campus LiveText Coordinator
Location Chadwick Library Phone: 319-385-6438 or 319-385-6318
Photo of Sean Gray
Sean Gray Physical Plant Director
Location Physical Plant: 506 N. Main Street Phone: 319-385-6271
Photo of Mike Hampton
Mike Hampton Director of Athletic Development and Engagement and Head Softball Coach
Location P.E.O. Building; 3rd Floor Phone: 319-385-6303
Photo of William Hansen M.S.
William Hansen M.S. Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
Photo of Lorie Hauenstein
Lorie Hauenstein Teacher Education Program Associate
Location Chadwick Library; Room 101 Phone: 319-385-6312
Photo of Monie Hayes
Monie Hayes Adjunct Instructor
Photo of Eileen Heck M.A.
Eileen Heck M.A. Adjunct Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 100 Phone: 319-385-6312
Photo of Jeffrey Heroux Ph.D.
Jeffrey Heroux Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of Biology and Chemistry
Location Science Building; Room 305 Phone: 319-385-6336
Photo of Kali Hills
Kali Hills Director of Advancement Operations
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 317 Phone: 319-385-6238
Photo of Megan Hills
Megan Hills Registrar
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 208 Phone: 319-385-6391
Photo of Elizabeth Hommowun.
Elizabeth Hommowun. Director of the Writing Center
Location Chadwick Library; Room 308 Phone: 319.385.6419
Photo of Nathan Hough M.S., M.F.T.
Nathan Hough M.S., M.F.T. Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Location Science Building; Room 110
Photo of Erin Housh
Erin Housh Coordinator for Adult and Graduate Studies
Location Chapel; Room 108 Phone: 319-385-6290
Photo of Shawna Hudson PhD
Shawna Hudson PhD Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library; Room 314 Phone: 319-385-6308
Photo of Alex Huisman
Alex Huisman Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6307
Photo of David Johnson Ed.D
David Johnson Ed.D Professor of Music
Location Old Main; Room 301 Phone: 319-385-6373
Photo of Kristy Johnson
Kristy Johnson Director of Financial Aid
Location Chapel; Financial Aid Office, Room 109 Phone: 319-385-6241
Photo of Holly Jones
Holly Jones Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
Phone: 319-385-6220
Photo of Don Jones,
Don Jones, Professor Emeritus, Art
Photo of Brent Keaster
Brent Keaster Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel, Room 104 Phone: 319-385-6235 Cell Phone: 319201-8166