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Photo of Katie Aranda
Katie Aranda Director of the OASIS
Location Chadwick Library; Room 307 Phone: 319-385-6334
Photo of Luis Aranda
Luis Aranda Dean of Students
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 1st floor Phone: 319-385-6257
Photo of Lori Baerg
Lori Baerg Director of Marketing
Location P.E.O. Building; Room 220 Cell Phone: 816-215-8722
Photo of Erin Bass MS
Erin Bass MS Assistant Professor of Education
Location Chadwick Library: Room 101 Phone: 319-385-6411
Photo of Blake Beaber
Blake Beaber Head Coach Baseball
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6214
Photo of Rebecca Beckner Ph.D.
Rebecca Beckner Ph.D. Professor and Teacher Education Program Chair
Location Chadwick Library; Room 116 Phone: 319-385-6311
Photo of Traci Bender
Traci Bender Assistant to the Dean of Students
Location Howe Student Activity Center; 1st Floor Phone: 319-385-6256
Photo of Ben Bennett
Ben Bennett Assistant Baseball Coach
Location Old Gym
Photo of Faith Brehm
Faith Brehm Residence Hall Director
Location Main lobby, McKibbin Hall Phone: 319-385-6426
Photo of Jack Bruns
Jack Bruns Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6332
Photo of Blair Buffington
Blair Buffington Director of Choral Activities
Phone: 319-385-6354
Photo of Richard Buffington
Richard Buffington Division of Science Chair and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute
Location Science Hall; Room 102 Phone: 319-385-6341
Photo of Sarah Call
Sarah Call Residence Hall Director
Location Main Lobby, ST Hall Phone: 319-385-6425
Photo of Jenna Carpenter
Jenna Carpenter Admissions Counselor Class of ’17
Location Chapel; Admissions Office Counselor territory Illinois: NON-Cook County Cell Phone: 319-931-6424 Phone: 319-385-6230
Photo of Patty Carson
Patty Carson Assistant to the University Provost
Location PEO building; Room 225 Phone: 319-385-6447
Photo of Joy Lynn Conwell
Joy Lynn Conwell Historical Collections/Circulation Associate
Location Chadwick Library Phone: 319-385-6317
Photo of Chris Creal
Chris Creal Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6416
Photo of Jennifer Crull M.A.
Jennifer Crull M.A. Assistant Professor of Business
Location Science Hall, Room 218 Phone: 319-385-6333
Photo of David Dahl
David Dahl Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Location PEO Building; 1st Floor, Room 107 Phone: 319-385-6487
Photo of Kelly Danaher Ph.D.
Kelly Danaher Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of ENGAGE
Location Science Hall; Room 107 Phone: 319-385-6339
Photo of Donna DeBose
Donna DeBose Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 319-385-6355
Photo of Colin DePriest
Colin DePriest Admissions Counselor Class of ’15
Location Chapel, Room 103 Counselor territory Iowa Phone: 319-385-6234
Photo of Dylan Detweiler
Dylan Detweiler Admissions Counselor
Location Chapel; Room 103 Counselor territory Transfer Students Phone: 319-385-6237 Cell Phone: 319-931-8043
Photo of Stacy Dixon
Stacy Dixon Records & Correspondence Coordinator
Location Chapel; Admission\’s Office Phone: 319-385-6236
Photo of Chris Early
Chris Early Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Location Howe Student Activity Center Phone: 319-385-6301 Cell Phone: 651-206-4460
Photo of Jason Edwards D.M.
Jason Edwards D.M. Division of Humanities Chair and Professor of Music
Location Old Main; Room 204 Phone: 319-385-6442
Photo of Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Location Science Hall, Room 105 Phone: 319-385-6346
Photo of Katherine Evans
Katherine Evans Director of Career Development and Internships
Location Student Development Office Phone: 319-385-6375
Photo of Nikki Fennern Ed.D.
Nikki Fennern Ed.D. Vice President for Enrollment Management
Location Chapel Phone: 319-385-6239
Photo of Kelsey Fish
Kelsey Fish Services Administrator Teacher Education Program (TEP)
Location Chadwick Library; Room 102 Phone: 319-385-6244