The Office of Internships at Iowa Wesleyan University supports the mission of the institution by educating, empowering, and inspiring students to lead meaningful lives and careers with professional preparation. Internships are a key component of how our programs provide opportunities to acquire the necessary theoretical and applied knowledge, which permits students to function effectively in professional life and a changing global community. Working with practicing professionals provides students the opportunity to integrate theory with practical learning. As part of a student’s participation in the internship process, they will be evaluated in the workplace regarding the Institutional Learning Outcomes of Communication, Critical Reasoning, and Civic Engagement. While participating in experiential learning programs, students will face challenges and issues which they will continue to encounter throughout their professional careers.

Through the internship program students will develop employment skills and gain valuable work experience in their field of study. Students will also serve and positively impact area businesses through the application of the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to a practical, experiential learning environment. Beyond the professional experience they will attain through an internship, students will also be able to enhance their professional resume and build a network of professional contacts.

Completing an internship is a graduation requirement at Iowa Wesleyan University. Students will earn a minimum of 6 hours of academic credit along with valuable professional experience. If you have any questions about internships or are interested in registering for one, please contact Katherine Evans, the Director for Career Development, Internships, and Service Learning at