Iowa Wesleyan University has vibrant international student programs serving over 120 international students from over 35 countries each year!  With student representation from six continents, our campus is one of the most diverse in the region.

Throughout the year, various events showcase the wide range of cultural expressions that can be found at Iowa Wesleyan. The annual Homecoming Parade features a special “international float” featuring many students dressed in traditional cultural attire.


The International Fair, held in the fall as part of International Week, is presented by Iowa Wesleyan international students and allows the campus community to enjoy food, traditional clothing, informational displays, and performances from around the world!


The International Student Club also provides students with the opportunity to organize events throughout the academic year that share unique cultural celebrations and holidays.


Throughout the year, international students engage in various other celebrations representing their own cultures and traditions. Some of these celebrations include the Dashain Festival, Lunar New Year, and the Holi Festival.



Center for International Education

Since opening in the Fall of 2020, the Center for International Education has been a home-away-from-home for many international students. Dedicated to serving the needs of international students, the Center provides a space for students to gather together with a reception area, a study room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Staff offices are also located in the Center, providing students with a centralized location for resources. International students gather here to socialize, study, or participate in cultural events throughout the year!


This program helps families in the Mount Pleasant community area get to know and make friends with Iowa Wesleyan University international students. Participating families are encouraged to invite international students to their homes for holidays and other activities throughout the semester to form meaningful connections.