Iowa Wesleyan University has vibrant international student programs serving over 100 international students from over 30 different countries! With student representation from six continents, our campus is one of the most diverse in the region. Such diversity broadens and enriches Iowa Wesleyan University’s quality of community life and academic pursuits. The rich cultural and intellectual contributions from our international student body helps prepare all students to successfully navigate the contours of an increasingly globalized world.


Follow these steps to become an IW Tiger today!

Step 1

Apply for Admissions

Step 2

English Proficiency Requirements

Step 3

Submit transcripts

Step 4

Submit Required Documents

Pre-Admissions Documents & Information

International students are required to pass one or more English proficiency tests before becoming a full-time student. Below is a list of acceptable proficiency tests that students can take. The tests must be completed before full acceptance has been granted, but it is not necessary to complete the tests before completing the admissions application.

If students have taken an English proficiency test and have received a score that is below the required score, they may enroll in English as a Second Language program. After completing the English as a Second Language, the student will be required to take a proficiency test.

Students may apply before taking the proficiency test and email the test scores to


TESTMinimum Score
Any English Language Service CenterCompleted Level 112
Iowa Wesleyan University’s ESL Certificate of CompletionComplete Advanced Level in ESL ProgramComplete Bridge Level in ESL Program

After your application has been submitted, email the following documents to

  • Certified Academic Records (e.g. transcripts or mark sheets) from all secondary schools and universities attended
  • Certified English Translations of all academic records

GRADUATE STUDENTS AND NON-U.S. COLLEGE CREDIT TRANSFER ONLY: Submit a credential evaluation using either ECE or SpanTran Please send results directly to our registrar’s office.

STUDENT-ATHLETES ONLY: In order to be eligible for athletic participation, you must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center. All student-athletes must complete and submit a profile at ( NOTE: Iowa Wesleyan University only advises student-athletes regarding their eligibility. The NAIA ultimately determines a student athlete’s eligibility.)

Beginning January 15, 2021, international students going through this process will be required to purchase an InCred evaluation ( for eligibility decisions. International transcripts that are sent directly to the eligibility center will be forwarded to InCred for handling. Only records submitted to and verified by InCred, as well as the official InCred credential evaluation, will be used to apply NAIA eligibility rules.

Please email the following documents to

Once we have received the documents listed below and your transcripts, the Admissions Department will evaluate your application:

  1. Affidavit of support
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Bank Statement (Demonstrating funding for 9 months of study)


Congratulations on your decision to become an IW Tiger!
If you are going to be an undergraduate student, there are a few things you need to do before you start your classes:
I-20 From

I-20 & Visa

After receiving your I-20 form,  start the visa process.
College student working with business office

Pay Tuition

After you have your visa, you need to pay your tuition.
Students studying in dorm room

Housing & Medical

Learn more about the housing application and medical forms.
Registration day

Final Step

Secure your travel plans and complete the final checklist.

Admissions Information

After receiving official acceptance from Iowa Wesleyan University, we will generate your I-20 to be mailed with your acceptance letter.

With these documents, you will be able to schedule an interview with U.S. embassy or consulate to obtain your visa.

With your visa, you will be able to gain entry into the United States.

Once you obtain your visa, notify the International Department:

Option 1: FLYWIRE – Our preferred method of payment

Iowa Wesleyan University accepts international payments through Iowa Wesleyan University’s Flywire portal. This portal allows you to save on bank fees and exchange rates and track your payment online from start to finish.


  • Execute, track and confirm your international payment online
  • Choose payment options from your home country
  • Access a 24/7 multilingual Customer Support Team
  • Save on bank fees and ensure the best exchange rates with Flywire’s Best Price Guarantee

How to Make an International Payment to Iowa Wesleyan University:

  1. Go to Iowa Wesleyan University’s International Payment Portal to begin your payment.
  2. Select the country you are paying from and your preferred payment method.
  3. Enter your payment details and confirm your payment booking.
  4. Receive instructions on how to complete the payment process, depending on your payment method.
  5. Track your payment online from start to finish with your Flywire Dashboard and access to Flywire’s multilingual Customer Support Team.

24/7 Customer Support
Phone: 1-800-346-9252
Email: support@flywire.comAlternate


As an alternative payment method, students may pay by direct wire into the University’s bank account. Please note that your bank may charge a fee for wiring funds. If they do, it will be deducted from the total remitted to the University. Therefore, students should add their bank’s wiring fee to the total they remit to the University. Students will need the following information in order to make payments by wire or by direct check:

Receiving Bank
ABA/Sort Code: 075912479
Banker’s Bank
7700 Mineral Point Rd.
Madison, WI 53717

Two Rivers Bank & Trust
222 N. Main Street
Burlington, IA 52604
Routing #/ABA Code: 073900577
Account #/ 2282017181

Once your application has been approved and you have submitted your tuition payment, we will send you information on how to apply for housing, and how to submit your immunization records.

Immunizations Requirements:

Before checking into their residence hall, students must present written confirmation from a physician for one of the following:

  1. Proof and date of having had measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) or
  2. Documentation of 2 doses of immunization for MMR after 1980 or
  3. Written notice from a doctor that you should not receive MMR immunization at this time.

Students unable to comply with one of the above must be re-immunized at the student’s expense. Additionally, students residing in campus housing must have completed a Mantoux skin test for tuberculosis within a year prior to their arrival on campus and must provide verification of any follow-up treatment if necessary.

Class Schedule:
After we have received all the necessary documents and your tuition has been paid, we will contact you to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your class schedule.

Travel Plans
Regardless of how you plan to get to campus, you must email your travel plans to! Students who wish to use the university’s airport shuttle program must send their flight itinerary 10 days before new student orientation to secure a reservation for this service.

Final Checklist
Have you completed the following steps to ensure your full acceptance to Iowa Wesleyan?

  1. Paid your Tuition
  2. You have submitted all health records including proof of required immunizations records
  3. You have completed your housing application
  4. You have emailed your travel plans
  5. You are registered for classes