Career Development

  • Opportunity to test career possibilities
  • Provides the opportunity to explore and clarify your major and career goals with professionals in the field, so you’ll know if the field is right for you
  • May help you identify specific areas of interest you had not considered
  • Allows you to evaluate likes and dislikes that will enable you to make informed career decisions

Marketability – Future Job Search

  • Demonstrates your interest and motivation to pursue a particular career area
  • May lead to a permanent job offer
  • Opportunity to develop job-specific skills relevant to your career interests
  • Assist in developing skills all employers want (i.e., teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, technology)
  • Helps you collect portfolio and resume material
  • Provides you with a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references
  • Locating and securing an internship prepares you for the search for a permanent position later on (i.e. locating appropriate jobs, writing resume and cover letter, interviewing)

Marketability – Graduate School

  • Gives you experience to include on applications and in personal statements
  • May assist you in targeting a specialized area of concentration
  • Provides you with professional references

Supplements Academic Theory with Practical Training

  • Adds meaning to your academic studies by allowing you to apply theories learned in the classroom to “work” situations.

Enhances Personal Development

  • May increase confidence
  • Aids in recognizing strengths and areas for improvement
  • Helps you become aware of the difference you can make as a productive member of society

Internships Learning Outcomes

  • Students will connect their curriculum to real world application.
  • Students will better understand the daily functions of potential future employment in their field of interest.

Students will determine their interest in their potential field of employment.