All students who are living on campus are required to have the following vaccinations and documentation:

  • Two doses of the MMR vaccine, which stands for Measles Mumps Rubella.*

*(some countries outside of the United States require three doses, but we only need two for Iowa Wesleyan)

  • Proof of Tuberculosis Negative Test Result within 1 year from date expected to move onto campus. If student screens to be at high risk on the required IW TB Screening Questionnaire.

(Tuberculosis testing can be done by a skin test on the arm, by a lab blood draw test, or by a Chest Xray.  The healthcare provider for the student makes the decision on which test is appropriate for that student).

If students are athletes or enrolling in medical areas of study requirements for immunizations and TB testing may be different. Check with the specific sport or program for further guidance.

We would encourage students to also check with their Country Embassy, as they may have their own requirements that are in addition to what we need for Iowa Wesleyan admittance. Here is a link that pulls up the contact for other countries:

Additional Forms

For All International Students