Wesleyan | 2020 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Iowa Wesleyan University is a transformational learning community whose passion is to educate, empower and inspire students to lead meaningful lives and careers.

Our Vision

Iowa Wesleyan will be the preeminent educational leader and resource for Southeast Iowa as its regional, comprehensive university offering an engaging student experience in relevant undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts and professions.

Our Setting

Iowa Wesleyan University is a historic, faith-inspired, four-year university situated in the rolling rural hills and agricultural economy of Southeast Iowa. Established in 1842, it is the first and oldest co-educational institution in Iowa. Iowa Wesleyan is committed to the liberal arts and to the professions. It is grounded in practical and adaptive learning so that real world challenges can be met with real world solutions. The University today provides undergraduate, adult, online and graduate education and promotes endeavors that advance Southeast Iowa and beyond.

Our Values

Learning & Community: We value a love of learning, a desire for civility, and the release of human potential for the sake of the common good.

Faith & Service: We honor spiritual values, social justice, and the welfare of the human community through civic engagement and service to one another.

Discovery & Action: We value the discovery of the self, the other, the broader world, and responsible action in response to those discoveries.

Courage & Passion: We value learning in community and appreciate that these endeavors require bold risk-taking; and we value and celebrate that these endeavors are fueled by the passions, desires and aspirations of our members.

Imagine a university committed to igniting the passions of its students.

Imagine a university relentless in its pursuit of engaging the hearts, minds and souls of its students so that they may lead meaningful lives and careers.

Imagine a regional, comprehensive university embracing its rural setting to advance the quality of life and partnerships with surrounding communities.

Imagine a university bringing to life relevant and practical experience to uncover real world solutions.

Imagine a faith-inspired university committed to spiritual values, human welfare, and social justice.

Imagine Southeast Iowa’s preeminent educational leader and resource for the region – Iowa’s first, oldest, and most historic coeducational university.

This is Iowa Wesleyan University.


Strategic Themes and Goals

Theme One – Academic Innovation & Student Success

  • Goal 1: Innovative and Relevant Programs. Establish innovative programs and majors and modes of delivery so that an Iowa Wesleyan education is relevant to the needs of the student and the region.
  • Goal 2: Signature Programs. Identify signature academic and co-curricular programs as points of distinction that enhance the academic reputation and profile of the university.
  • Goal 3: Student Success and Engagement. Commit to an engaged student experience and to the success of all the our students.
  • Goal 4: Faculty Development. Engage faculty aspirations for excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Goal 5: Partnerships. Develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
  • Goal 6: Academic Enhancement. Strengthen natural science programs, technologies, facilities and equipment to enhance general education and respond to emerging fields in STEM.

Theme Two – Mission & Brand Identity

  • Goal 7: Enrollment. Recruit and retain a diverse student body of undergraduate, transfer, and adult and graduate students who represent the state, regional and international demographic landscape.
  • Goal 8: Identity. Increase our visibility and claim our identity as a faith-inspired regional, comprehensive university committed to preparing and equipping students for success in life and career through the liberal arts and professions.
  • Goal 9: Institutional Sustainability. Invest in and optimize the financial and human resources to ensure the perpetual well-being of the university.

Theme Three – Facilities

  • Goal 10: Master Plan. Engage a campus master planning process.
  • Goal 11: Athletics, Wellness and Fitness. Foster community and support faculty, staff, and student wellness; enhance student recruitment, retention and engagement; and invest in intercollegiate athletics.

Theme Four – Technology

  • Goal 12: Technology Culture. Adopt a technology culture that is flexible, innovative and integrative.
  • Goal 13: Instructional Technology. Upgrade, enhance and innovate instructional technology.