English Minor

A minor in English at Iowa Wesleyan allows students to explore the best of old and new literacies while sharpening their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills—some of the most valuable in today’s job marketplace.  With classes that range from Imaginative Writing to Shakespeare to Sports and Literature, IW’s English offerings combine a solid grounding in the classics with new approaches to emerging fields of literature and inquiry, always with a strong emphasis on intensive reading and writing.  All classes in the minor will satisfy the institutional Writing Intensive requirement, while allowing students to deepen their historical and cultural understanding of a wide range of texts — from the classics of ancient and world literature to film masterpieces to the products of today’s digital culture.  We welcome students from all majors to sample English courses as electives, earn Writing Intensive credit, and consider building those into a minor.

This program will equip students to:

  • Recognize and connect historical and imaginative expressions and linkages among literary periods;
  • Demonstrate professional competence; and
  • Reflect meaningfully on their own work.

In addition to courses, the English Program offers opportunities for learning and creative activity outside the classroom through membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society and contributing to Design, the annual literary arts magazine.

English Minor Requirements

English Minor Course Requirements: 18 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:

  • ENG 201 Survey of Literature: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 206 Introduction to Poetry: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 311 Expository Writing (WI): 3 hrs.

Complete 3 courses from the following, for a minimum of 9 credits:

  • ENG 326 Environmental Literature: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 327 Reading Film as Literature: 4 hrs.
  • ENG 334 Masters of British Literature II: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 341 Masters of World Literature (WI): 3 hrs.
  • ENG 344 Media Ecology and the Humanities: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 349 Masters of American Literature I: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 350 Masters of American Literature II: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 352 Shakespeare: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 365 Masters of English Novel: 3 hrs.

Digital Media Design

The Digital Media Design major is a rigorous program that integrates a common body of knowledge from Studio Art and Art History with digital media courses.

Digital Media Design Minor Requirements

Digital Media Design Minor Requirements: 18 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
DMD 109 Survey of Multimedia 3 hrs.
DMD 201 Foundations of Studio/Design 3 hrs.
DMD 204 Graphic Layout and Design 3 hrs.
DMD 207 Photography I 3 hrs.
DMD 369 Interactive Media 3 hrs.
Choose one of the following:
DMD 309 Multimedia Development (Gaming) 3 hrs.
DMD 310 Digital Illustration 3 hrs.

Humanities Minor

An IW Humanities minor, which includes coursework in English, Philosophy, Music, Visual Arts, and Religion, helps students sharpen skills in inquiry, analysis, communication, and creative problem-solving; it develops in students flexible, contextual thinking informed by nuances in social, cultural, and historical  influences; it cultivates social, verbal, visual, and information literacies; and it encourages lifelong learning inspired by curiosity, scholarship, passion, and a concern for social justice.

Humanities Minor Requirements

Humanities Minor Requirements: 21 Total Credit Hours

Complete courses from the following:

  • Need 3 credits from each area (Area 1-4) in the Humanities Major’s description: 12 hrs.
  • 2 electives from any of the above pools for 6 credits: 6 hrs
  • HUM 499 Capstone in Humanities: 3 hrs

International Studies Minor

The International Studies minor is an attractive enhancement to any of the majors currently offered at Iowa Wesleyan University. This minor will introduce students to concepts of cultural diversity and cultural competency as well as to major international issues that are shaping the world today. The program will introduce issues such as population and migration, poverty and international development, human rights and international law, terrorism and conflict resolution. Students will consider their place and role in the global community and enhance their understanding of themselves as engaged global citizens who can make a difference in the world.

Iowa Wesleyan has a vibrant International Student Program with over 100 international students from over 25 different countries. The International Student Body Government hosts cultural events throughout the year.

This rich international diversity on campus provides opportunities for authentic cross-cultural interaction to complement what students explore in the classroom. One such venue is the International Conversation Cafe, an initiative of the ESL Program that meets regularly throughout the semester to provide conversation and cultural exchanges between international and domestic students. Faculty, staff, and community members participate as well to provide a fun and friendly environment to expand the understanding of cultures throughout the world.

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will develop intercultural knowledge and competence, increasing their understanding of and appreciation for people of all backgrounds, cultures, and religions.
  2. Students will increase their knowledge and understanding of the major international issues that are currently shaping the world.
  3. Students will become informed, open-minded, and responsible persons who experience a sense of belonging to a common humanity and see themselves as global citizens who can make a difference in the world.
International Studies Minor Requirements

List of courses and prerequisites:

Track 1 – Study Abroad Approach for 18 Credit Hours (Sharing no more than 1 course with student’s Major)

Required Courses – 9 Credit Hours:

  • IS 100 – Introduction to International Studies
  • IS 101 – Life and Culture
  • IS 400 – International Studies Capstone or International Internship
  • Study Abroad for an Academic Semester or an Academic Year (to include three culture, language, or history courses) – 9 Credit Hours

Track 2 — Mapped Approach for 18 Credit Hours (Sharing no more than 1 course with Wesleyan Studies)

Required Courses — 18 Credit Hours:

  • IS 100 – Introduction to International Studies
  • SOC 105 – Introduction to Anthropology OR SOC 310 – Race and Ethnicity
  • IS 101 – Life and Culture
  • REL 300 – Religion in Western Civ OR REL 265 – War and Peace
  • ENG 341 – Masters of World Lit
  • IS 400 – International Studies Capstone; May Term or Summer Session of Study Abroad; or International Internship

Music Minor

The music program provides courses of study for performance, music education, and general cultural development.

Students involved in the music program will:

  • develop the knowledge and skills required for the practice of the profession of music teaching and performance
  • expand their cultural level of development.
Music Minor Requirements

Music Minor Required Courses

Instrumental Courses: 2-6 Total Credit Hours

At least two of these courses must be taken for 1 credit each. No more than 6 total credits may be earned from these courses. See Variable Course Credit Change on page 45 and the advisor for details.
MUS 113 String Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 115 Brass Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 117 Woodwind I 0-1 hrs.
MUS 118 Woodwind II 0-1 hrs.
MUS 119 Percussion Class 0-1 hrs.
MUS 120 Guitar Class 0-1 hrs.

Music Theory Courses: 6 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
MUS 141 Music Fundamentals 2 hrs.
MUS 142 Elementary Harmony 2 hrs.
MUS 143 Aural Skills I 1 hrs.
MUS 144 Aural Skills II 1 hrs.

Music Literature and History Courses: 6 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
MUS 225 Survey of Musical Literature 3 hrs.
Chose complete one of the follow:
MUS 353 History of Music (to 1750) 3 hrs.
MUS 354 History of Music (1750 to present) 3 hrs.
Conducting Courses 3 hrs.
Chose one of the following:
MUS 357 Instrumental Conducting 3 hrs.
MUS 358 Choral Conducting 3 hrs.

Major Instrument Private Instruction

MUS ENS Major Music Ensemble every IW fall and spring semester
MUS Private Instruction. four credit hours of private instruction (Private Instruction MUS 121-2, 231-2, 331-2, or 421-2)

Religion Minor

A Religion Minor Introduces students to the study of religion and provides an understanding of Christianity as it compares to other world religions.

Religion Minor Requirements

Religion Minor Course Requirements: 18 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:  
REL 150 World Religions 3 hrs.
9 Credits of Religion Electives 9 hrs.
6 Credits of Philosophy Electives 6 hrs.

Studio Art

A minor in Studio Art is a rigorous program that integrates a common body of knowledge from Studio Art and Art History with digital media courses.

Studio Art Minor Requirements

Studio Art Minor Requirements: 18 Total Credit Hours

ART 201 Basic Studio and Design 2-D 3 hrs.
ART 215 Painting 1 3 hrs.
ART 216  Ceramics 1 3 hrs.
ART 219 Drawing 1 3 hrs.
Choose three art electives
AND Choice of one from the following:
ART 381  History of Art 1 3 hrs.
ART 382  History of Art 2 3 hrs.
ART 383  History of Art 3 3 hrs.