Humanities Minor

Today, both students and employers recognize that the innovative, flexible, responsive, and broad-based learning offered by a contemporary Humanities curriculum is an ideal educational launching pad for careers in many fields, particularly those most tied to a “knowledge economy” driven by technology and globalization.  Indeed, the Humanities—as redefined for the 21st century—are being rediscovered by students and employers alike as incubators of innovation.

An IW Humanities minor, which includes coursework in English, Philosophy, Music, Visual Arts, and Religion, helps students sharpen skills in inquiry, analysis, communication, and creative problem-solving; it develops in students flexible, contextual thinking informed by nuances in social, cultural, and historical  influences; it cultivates social, verbal, visual, and informational literacies; and it encourages lifelong learning inspired by curiosity, scholarship, passion, and a concern for social justice.

Humanities Minor Requirements: 21 Total Credit Hours

Complete courses from the following:

  • Need 3 credits from each area (Area 1-4) in the Humanities Major’s description: 12 hrs.
  • 2 electives from any of the above pools for 6 credits: 6 hrs
  • HUM 499 Capstone in Humanities: 3 hrs