Welcome to Iowa Wesleyan’s Humanities Division

Iowa Wesleyan is one of the oldest four-year, coeducational, church-related liberal arts universities west of the Mississippi River.

At Iowa Wesleyan University, you will be spurred by an active, purposeful education, one that will challenge you.  In a uniquely encouraging community, you will explore and discover your unique potential. You will identify your passion and pursue it with a rigorous, relevant curriculum. And, as all do at IW, you will give practice and meaning to your learning; as you actively work and serve in the community. You will acquire knowledge. You will gain experience. You will unearth a larger vision for your life. Prepared to succeed, inspired to make a difference, you will set out into the world a better a bolder you.

Our Mission in the Humanities Division

Students in courses offered by the Humanities Division will examine varied types of creativity, expression, interpretation, and interactions by which human life is given meaning.  Communication, Critical Reasoning, and Civic Engagement (the IW Life Skills) are promoted through the academic programs in the Division, with curriculum crafted to foster students’ success during their IW experience and after graduation.