Welcome to Iowa Wesleyan’s Humanities Division

Discovering Your Passion in Humanities at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive four year university; it is a commitment to something greater– You!

An IW Humanities major is designed to help students sharpen skills in inquiry, analysis, communication, and creative problem-solving; it develops in students flexible, contextual thinking informed by nuances in social, cultural, and historical influences; it cultivates social, verbal, visual, and informational literacies; and it encourages lifelong learning inspired by curiosity, scholarship, passion, and a concern for social justice.  All Humanities majors will complete both a freshman Humanities seminar class and a senior Humanities capstone class designed to place their Humanities studies within a contemporary context that stresses real-world relevance and application of Humanities-based skills to the 21st century challenges of work and global citizenship. Students choosing a Humanities minor will complete five courses from a list of Humanities offerings and the same senior capstone experience.

Our Mission in the Humanities Division

Students in courses offered by the Humanities Division will examine varied types of creativity, expression, interpretation, and interactions by which human life is given meaning.  Communication, Critical Reasoning, and Civic Engagement (the IW Life Skills) are promoted through the academic programs in the Division, with curriculum crafted to foster students’ success during their IW experience and after graduation.

The Humanities help me live with a deep awareness of my past, present and future, and to develop the wisdom, identity, culture and faith that helps me make decisions in the present for the future. Denying ourselves of the past leaves us dangerously open to being told what to believe instead of critically thinking and discerning our own morals and values. Heidi, Class of 2019