Classes at ­­­Eastern Iowa Community College for Transfer to Iowa Wesleyan University.

Sample Course of Study for the Human Services with Business Administration Minor and Psychology Minor

An Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree from EICC will fulfill all IW college-wide Wesleyan Studies course requirements except the “Global Awareness” course requirement, the “Writing Intensive” course requirement, the “Service Learning” course requirement, 30 hours of 300 level or higher IW credit, and the internship requirement. A maximum of 90 semester hours will be conferred upon the student. Recommended course selections are listed below to maximize transfer status:

First Year, Classes taken at EICC

EICCCreditIW Equivalent
ENG:105 Composition I3ENG 109
CSC:110 Intro to Computers3Elective
MAT:156 Statistics3MATH 171
PHI: 110 Introduction to Ethics3PHIL 215
CRJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice3CJ 231
ENG:106 Composition II3ENG 110
SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology3SOC 100
PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology3PSYC 131
ART 101: Art Appreciation3ART 203
SPC:112 Public Speaking3COMM 147

Second Year, Classes taken at EICC

EICCCreditIW Equivalent
LIT 101: Introduction to Literature3Elective
CRJ 130: Criminal Law3CJ 260
Science w/ a lab4Gen. Ed.
HIS 151 or HIS 1523HIST 125 or HIST 126
SOC 115: Social Problems3SOC 243
SOC 120: Marriage and Family3SOC 205
ECN 120: Principles of Macroeconomics3ECN 102
Physical Science4Elective
Intercultural Perspective/Language Pool4Elective
PSY 213: Industrial and Organizational Psychology3Elective
Associates Degree Earned

Third Year, Classes taken at IW

CJ 355: Law Enforcement3
SOC 310: Race and Ethnicity3
BA 100: Survey of Business3
ECN 101: Microeconomics3
ACTG 210: Introduction to Financial Accounting3
PSYC 326: Introduction to Counseling3
CJ/PSYC 347 Research Methods3
ACTG 211: Managerial Accounting3
BA 310: Principles of Management3
BA 320: Principles of Marketing3

Fourth Year, Classes taken at IW

Group A Course3
WS 300: Global Issues (WI)3
BA 330: Business Law3
Group A Psychology Minor Elective3
Group B Psychology Minor Elective3
HSEV 498: Internship6
WS 320: Leadership and Service (SL) (WI)3
PSYC 324 or PSYC 3723
PSYC 361: Abnormal Psychology3
Psychology Elective3