At Iowa Wesleyan University it is our goal to ensure that students have access to the best possible health care resources to support their educational pursuits. The Office of Student Development houses our Campus Nurse who is available to see students. Primary services the Campus Nurse provides includes:

  • Administering Flu Shots.
  • Reviewing Health and Immunization Records to ensure student eligibility to reside in residential facilities.
  • Conducting most nursing procedures within the scope of practice of an RN in the State of Iowa.
  • Providing referral assistance to health care providers in Southeast Iowa.

The Office of Student Development serves as a referral source for students for health-related concerns. We work closely with community health care providers to ensure students have access to the best possible medical care in our area.

Health Insurance

Iowa Wesleyan University recommends all students be covered under a health insurance plan that will cover student illness or injury in the southeast Iowa region. All International students are required to have health insurance coverage.  All students are responsible for any health care costs incurred that are not covered by insurance.


For more information on COVID-19 please follow the link to our COVID 19 page.

Immunization Policy

All new residential students entering Iowa Wesleyan University must present a written confirmation from their family physician that the student has the following:

  1. Proof and date of having had two doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) or
  2. Documentation of immunization for MMR after 1980 or
  3. Written recommendation from your physician that you should not receive the MMR immunization at this time.
  4. Mantoux TB skin test within the past year with a negative response. If you have previously tested positive for TB, please notify the Office of Student Development prior to additional testing.
  5. It is strongly recommended that students residing in dorms receive the meningitis vaccine, Meningococcal conjugate or MenACWY vaccines (Menactra® and Menveo®).  Each prospective student receives information on this along with admission paperwork.  This is available from your local public health office. Meningococcal conjugate status must be designated on the immunization record submitted to IW.

Residential students must submit their immunization records and TB skin test results prior to moving onto campus.  Students not submitting records will not be allowed to move into campus housing.

Intercollegiate Student - Athlete Physicals and Insurance

Every student-athlete is required to have a physical examination before they can participate in any intercollegiate practice, conditioning, workout or event. The physical must be completed after June 1 of the upcoming academic year and all physical forms must be signed by an MD, DO, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. Physicals performed by Chiropractors will not be accepted. All student-athletes will receive a letter from their sport coach with information for completing the required paperwork prior to their participation in athletics.

Students-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics must have proof of a personal/family insurance policy prior to being allowed to participate in any intercollegiate athletic activity. If a student is uncovered, an individual student insurance plan can be purchased through EIIA, which is the provider of Iowa Wesleyan University’s catastrophic Intercollegiate Athlete insurance plan. For details, contact Director of Human Resources at 319-385-6209. All students are responsible for any health care costs incurred that are not covered by their primary insurance or the IWU Intercollegiate Athletic Catastrophic Insurance policy.

International Students

All International students are required to purchase health insurance through the University which partners with the Lewer Agency. Regardless if an international student has health insurance through a different provider, all international students must purchase the International Student health insurance plan. This affords international students the peace of mind to know that if they need to use medical services, they have coverage as stated in the Lewermark insurance plan materials.

For up to date information on our policy coverage, visit lewermark.com/iw

Illness Communication with Instructors

The Campus Nurse can provide excuses for students to be absent from classes based on likelihood of contagion and will communicate with the student’s instructors on the student’s behalf. Students are encouraged to communicate directly with their instructors when possible, as well as informing the Student Development office of absence due to illness, doctor appointments, or family emergencies. Absences still count toward the maximum number of absences, however. Please see attendance policy in your course syllabus.

Campus Nurse

Nancy Wagner
Email: campusnurse@iw.edu
Phone: 319-385-6457