Iowa Wesleyan University offers a Graduate Assistant Program to provide students enrolled in our Graduate Program professional experience in a higher education work environment.  Graduate Assistants are students first and the graduate assistantship experiences are intended to contribute to their intellectual growth and degree goals, and should not interfere with academic studies.

Eligibility:  Students are eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship at Iowa Wesleyan University if they have been admitted to a graduate degree program at the University and are enrolled in a minimum of 6 graduate level credit hours per semester.  Graduate Assistantships are not currently available during the summer semester.

Stipend:  Graduate Assistants will receive a stipend of $1,000 per semester while holding a Graduate Assistant position.  The stipend will be paid in equal semi-weekly installments over the course of the semester.  Graduate Assistants are responsible for filing their W4 and related paperwork with the Human Resources Office.  The stipend may be subject to federal and/or state income taxes and it is the responsibility of the Graduate Assistant to file a tax return if required and to pay any taxes due.  As noted in the Tax Reporting section below, when the total calendar year tuition waiver amount exceeds $5,250, any waiver above that amount must be reported to the IRS as taxable wages.  This additional amount will be included as non-cash taxable wages on top of your cash stipend, and taxes will be withheld accordingly.

Tuition and Fees:  Graduate Assistants will receive a tuition waiver to cover tuition costs for up to 9 credits per semester while holding the Graduate Assistantship.  All tuition costs above 9 credits per semester are the responsibility of the Graduate Assistant. The University does not cover the cost of textbooks or other student fees.  Tuition waivers are subject to all appropriate IRS regulations, including those outlined below.

Insurance:  Graduate Assistants are required to maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at the University, at their own expense.

Housing and Meals:  In order to meet their responsibilities as described below, Graduate Assistants are required to live in campus housing (if appropriate housing is available and there are no extenuating circumstances) while holding the Graduate Assistantship.  Campus housing will be provided at no cost, and the type of housing provided is dependent upon availability; it may be a house, an apartment, or a room in a residence hall.  The University will cover the cost of heat and electricity.  Graduate Assistants will be expected to pay for cable service if desired. The University does not cover the cost of off campus housing, nor meals for Graduate Assistants.

Expectations:  Graduate Assistants’ job responsibilities will be outlined in the initial position description, and will be more fully detailed upon their acceptance into the program.  Responsibilities may include teaching, coaching, student support services, or other campus duties.  Graduate Assistants may be assigned evening and weekend campus duties on a regular or occasional basis, and they are therefore required to live on campus (if appropriate housing is available and there are no extenuating circumstances) during their appointment. Graduate Assistants may not work more than 20 hours per week, nor may they hold any other employment position at the University.

Graduate Assistants are expected to comply with all relevant rules, policies, and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Employee Handbook, including a background check.

Reappointment or Termination:  Graduate Assistants are not guaranteed reappointment, and the University may choose not to reappoint a Graduate Assistant based on performance, budgetary constraints, or lack of need for the position.  A Graduate Assistant may be terminated prior to the end of a current appointment for not meeting enrollment requirements, fiscal emergency, just cause, or lack of progress towards a degree.  The University reserves the right to cancel any unused tuition waiver, housing, stipend, or other benefit upon termination prior to the end of an appointment.

Tax Reporting:  Under current IRS regulations, Graduate Assistant tuition and fee waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year are considered taxable income.  Therefore, total tuition and fee waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year will be reported on a W2 and the Graduate Assistant should anticipate that they may be required to pay taxes on the reported amount.  Campus housing is considered a tax-free benefit because living on campus is a requirement of the position.  The University will comply at all times with IRS regulations, and Graduate Assistants must acknowledge that waivers and other benefits, and the related tax implications, may change from time to time.

Those graduate students interested in receiving a Graduate Assistantship at Iowa Wesleyan University must upload their letter of interest, resume/CV, transcripts, and contact information for three professional at the desired position link below.  Review of resumes will begin immediately and continue until the deadline date of May 31, 2018.

Graduate Assistant Positions