General Business Studies within the Business Administration Degree

The Business Administration degree with the General Studies program provides students with an essential foundation in business and skills for either direct entry into the workplace or entrance to graduate programs in business. You’ll learn best practices on the many sides of business administration, including finance, marketing, business operations, and creating effective business policies. In addition, we provide a well-rounded, business-oriented program where students may achieve skills consistent with the Iowa Wesleyan University philosophies of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, and civic engagement.

General Business Studies Program Requirements:

Complete all of the following:

  • ACTG 322 Cost Accounting
  • BA 221 Professional Sales
  • BA 312 Organizational Behavior
  • BA 360 Human Resources Management

Choose two (2):

  • ACTG 340 Federal Tax
  • BA 311 Small Business Management
  • BA 315 Agribusiness Management
  • BA 321 Consumer Behavior
  • BA 322 Advertising
  • BA 341 Inestments
  • SM 223 Sport Marketing and Sales

Business Administration Requirements:

  • All concentrations are required to complete the core business requirements
applied science

Career Opportunities in General Business Studies

  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Store Manager
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Relationship Banker
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Store Manager

  • Sales Representative
  • Financial Examiner
  • Loan Officer
  • Budget Analyst
  • Cost Estimator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Retail Sales Worker
  • Program Director
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Human Resource Generalist

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
Sales Engineer
Insurance Sales Agent