Founders Day Prayer – Elizabeth Garrels ’67

Today we celebrate measured time with immeasurable dreams.

Today we celebrate 175 years of dreams that became successes – dreams that made a positive difference in individuals’ lives, as well as a positive difference in vital service for our community, region, nation and world.

Each one of us here today is better, stronger, and more relevant because of Iowa Wesleyan University.

And, we are ready to celebrate this amazing heritage and legacy.

Welcome to our 175th anniversary!

Let us pray to the One Who blessed and continues to guide this extraordinary venture known as Iowa Wesleyan University–

Dear God,

Thank you for 175 years of learning and leadership opportunities, for 175 years of adaptive and courageous resiliency, for 175 years of hard work, sacrifice, and significant stewardship for our distinctive purpose.

We appreciate and celebrate your work here, in this place, through these years, and among us.

Now as we move boldly forward, may we continue to have:

Clear eyes to see your compelling visions…

Steady, firm hands to accomplish dreams…

Discerning minds to evaluate and choose wisely…

Willing feet to climb higher to maximize our strengths and untold potential.

Bless this food to our use, and most importantly, us to Thy Service. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen

Honorary Co-Chair Welcome – Richard Garrels ’66

February 17, 1842 – 175 years ago today.

Could those original Mount Pleasant townspeople have had any idea of what would come from their plans to establish a school out here on the high prairie?

Their hopes became a promising vision for Iowa Wesleyan University.

Their hopes became opportunities for countless students to widen their horizons.

Today we commemorate both the University’s vision and students’ horizons.

President Titus, students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends – yes, all of us are ready to celebrate!

We are glad to come together here – welcome!