At Iowa Wesleyan University, we’re committed to making college affordable.

We are well aware that the expense of higher education can feel like a significant barrier for students and their families. Iowa Wesleyan provides a world-class education at a lesser cost than comparable universities. This entails more than just providing financial aid.

We offer personalized financial assistance, the best financing options, and straightforward explanations on how to apply for them. But, most importantly, we provide an education that leads to excellent job prospects.

Our financial aid counselors are committed to supporting our students and their families every step of the way. They consider themselves financial partners who are available to our students to assist them with all aspects of understanding the process of financial assistance. As an institution that serves many first-generation students and under-served populations, we know the challenges that many students and families face when dealing with the barriers to paying for college. We work closely with our students to ensure they have an excellent understanding of their financial aid.

Financial Aid Resources