exercise science
Exercise Science

Exercise Science and Wellness Major (Non-Licensure)

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness Degree provides you with a lab-based education with experienced educators who are currently in the field. You will learn in updated facilities with current and up-to-date physical education and fitness equipment, as well as new technology and labs.

This course of study will allow the students to work with a non-athletic or athletic population in developing a program of wellness. This major has the courses needed for those interested in becoming a certified strength coach, a personal trainer, a fitness instructor or a fitness trainer. These individuals will be able to find positions in the college/university setting, the private club setting, and industrial fitness and wellness centers. This major will study the effects of exercise on mental, emotional, social, spiritual, as well as the physical side of being healthy. Studying the effects of aging and stress in regard to wellness will also be emphasized.

The Physical Education and Exercise Science and Wellness faculty administers courses for any student who wishes to participate. Some majors require their students to participate in some type of activity (individual, service, recreational, intramural or intercollegiate) and the faculty welcomes these individuals into the activity courses that are taught throughout the year.

Exercise Science and Wellness majors will learn:

  • Foundational Core – Learn foundational knowledge and skill in the areas of human anatomy, human physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics and care and prevention of injuries.
  • Exercise Prescription – Learn how to do physiological testing, exercise prescription, exercise leadership, and exercise and aging.
  • Health Promotion – Gain a deep understand about nutrition, weight control, stress management and substance abuse.
  • Administrative Tasks – Become skilled at programming, facilities and equipment, marketing and legal liability.
  • Human Relations – Learn how to communication and motivation.
  • Practical Experience – Get hands-on experience through internships.
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Exercise Science & Wellness Major (Non-Licensure) Requirements

Complete each of the following courses:

  • HLTH 200 Substance Abuse
  • HLTH 300 Health and Nutrition
  • HLTH 344 Community and Consumer Health
  • PE 109 Functional Fitness
  • PE 125 Introduction to Exercise Science & Wellness
  • PE 231 First Aid
  • PE 250 Motor Learning
  • PE 260 Scientific Aspects of Strength Development
  • PE 352 Kinesiology
  • PE 356 Principles and Assessment of Physical Education
  • PE 381 Fitness Evaluation and Training
  • PE 382 Prevention, Care, and Treatment of Injuries
  • PE 398 Practicum in Exercise Science
  • PE 484 Physiology of Exercise
  • PE 498 Internship in Exercise Science and Wellness

Complete each of the following courses

  • BIO 241 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 242 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology

Double Major with Physical Education; or Minor in Sports Management, Business Administration, Chemistry or Psychology; or Science Concentration area:

  • CHEM 175 Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHEM 176 Principles of Chemistry II
  • PHYS 210 General Physics I
  • PHYS 220 General Physics II

The teacher education programs of IW are accredited by the Iowa Department of Education and by the Higher Learning Commission. The Commission is located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604. Telephone: 800-621-7440. Website: https://www.hlcommission.org/.

Section 207 of Title II of the Higher Education Act mandates that each institution of higher education, which conducts a teacher preparation program that enrolls students receiving Federal assistance under this Act, shall report to the State and the general public the following information:  a) total number of students enrolled in the Teacher Preparation Program (admitted and student teachers); b) number of student teachers; c) total number of supervising faculty for student teachers; d) total number of weeks of supervised student teaching ; and e) average number of hours per week of student participation in supervised student teaching.

All degree requirements are subject to change. Please see the current Undergraduate Course Catalog for degree requirements

Career Opportunities in Exercise Science and Wellness

Depending on your chosen concentration here is a list of potential career avenues.

  • Activity Specialist
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Scout
  • Athletic Therapist
  • Camp Director
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Community Program Director
  • Fitness Coach
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Gym Manager
  • Health Care Consultant

  • Personal Trainer
  • Recreation and Leisure Supervisor
  • Recreation and Sports Director
  • Recreation Therapist
  • Spa Manager
  • Sporting Goods Sales Rep
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Facility Manager
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Wellness Coordinator

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
Recreational Therapists
Athletic Trainers
Sports Nutritionists


Association of Student Athletes

Association of Student Athletes

A student run organization whose mission is to host fun events, increase fan support, and other sports related events.

Campus Activity Board

Campus Activity Board

A student run organization whose mission is to bring entertainment and engagement to the students of IW.

IW Hands Club

IW Hands Club

The IW Hands Service Club focuses on service-learning and living the Iowa Wesleyan motto of being tenacious, inspired, global, engaged, and respectful.


Meet The Professors

Lisa Augsburger

Student Teach Supervisor

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Shawna Hudson

Professor of Education
Chadwick Library; Room 212

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Lane Levine

Associate Professor of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness
Chadwick Library; Room 118

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Jaime Martinez

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Science Hall; Room 213

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Cheyrl Newland

Associate Professor of Education and Education Division Chair
Chadwick Library; Room 116

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Headshot of Anna Paulson

Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Chadwick Library; Room 102

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Caleb Robertson

Instructor of Exercise Science and Wellness and Physical Education
Chadwick Library; Room 119

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Headshot of Kathleen Schmidt

Associate Professor of Education
Chadwick Library; Room 103

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Headshot for Megan Silva

Assistant Professor of Education
Chadwick Library, Room 120

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Headshot of Kathie Sloan

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education - Literacy
Chadwick Library; Room 101

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Meredith Wohlleber

Teacher Education Program Associate
Chadwick Library; Room 104

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